Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2446:
Harry Reid's Lip Purse -
Body Language, the Immigration Bill & Negotiation
(Video, Photo)

Harry Reid (D-NV) answers a question here regarding Immigration Reform. Notice the expression - particularly with his mouth - the Senate Majority leader makes at the 0:11 mark. This is a brief and straight-on view of what in body language parlance is known as a "Lip Purse" (see image below).

Pursing of the Lips is a nonverbal that is made by someone who, at least in that moment, perceives himself and his position to be an alpha (relative to the antagonist at hand). It also is a signal that they believe their plan/opinion/answer is superior - however they will only be sharing a part (perhaps none) of it openly. Because they are the relative alpha - they also believe they have a reasonable chance, the resources and power to successfully execute their plan.
Think of the lip purse as a signal of clandestine disagreement and strengthen your "Plan B" for an ambush.

You may not have a master tactician like Senator Reid across the table from you - but you should never take a lip purse casually.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2445:
Sasha Alexander on Conan O'Brien -
Sexually Provocative Displays
(Video, Photos)

Sasha Alexander recently appeared on Conan. Just as O'Brien asked her about how she acts in sexually provocative scenes, she unconsciously displayed some very specific examples of such emotions before her later fictional-acting demonstration. This should come as no surprise, for even though she is a talented actress - this is NOT method acting. Like the rest of us, regardless of our professions - Sasha is first human.

At 0:07 she displays an evanescent "tongue in cheek" nonverbal along with a suppressed but sincere smile. Here a bulge can be seen created by her tongue against her right cheek

The body language of a tongue in cheek has several meanings depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered. Here it is sexually provocative. Some of the other meanings include sadness or grief, "I gotcha" or "I just one", an alpha dominant signal or even the telling of a lie.

Intriguingly the action of tongue in cheek helps to facilitate the suppression of other facial tells - such as duping delight (which often still is displayed a moment later) and it even may help to reduce the onset of tears in the setting of grief & sadness.

Moreover tongue in cheek displays tend to used one side when it is associated with an alpha signal (e.g. sexuality or I gotcha) and the opposite side when seen with a beta signal (lying, the suppression of crying).

A few seconds later during 0:13 - 0:15 the beautiful actress is feeling sincere sexual energy. This is completely understandable in the context of her confident sexuality and ability to act in this same way is brought to attention. Here she defaults momentarily to one example of a natural and normal baseline sexual display. When a woman's elbows move out significantly laterally, exposing the armpit(s) it is a strong sexual signal of readiness and/or attraction. This is often done in a brief preening display of a false hair adjustment. It's not that the hair is not being adjusted - but it is an epiphenomenon of the primary activity of armpit exposure. This movement puts the breasts on display and releases pheromones and/or pheromone-like substances which facilitate attraction. There is also the added and highly significant appeal of a sincere (Duchenne) smile of joy-happiness.

In short, in these moments Sasha is feeling alpha sexual.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2444:
George Zimmerman Trial
Jonathan Good - Eyewitness Testifies regarding
The Last Seconds of Trayvon Martin's Life
(Video, Photos)

Jonathan Good, a neighbor and eyewitness testified today in George Zimmerman's trial in the death of Trayvon Martin. Below is an analysis of some nonverbal signals from today's trial.  

At 0:13 Mr. Good displays a subtle but significant "Suppressed Smile". This occurred as a recording of him speaking with the 911 operator describing a shot he had just heard behind his house was played in court. At first, in this context a smile - or a suppressed smile may seem unusual and out of context for a murder trial. However, it may very well be that Mr. Good feels notoriety and a momentary smugness that his testimony will be highly instrumental in this case. He also knows his testimony will be seen by many online, on television, etc. 

What is the difference between a suppressed smile and "Duping Delight"?

Only a few seconds later, at 0:16, Mr. Good's expression changes. As if in self-reflection - he displays a distinct expression of "Regret" for his immediately previous thoughts (related to his emotions experienced during the above noted suppressed smile). Although it looks very similar, do not mistake this nonverbal with contempt.

 Of particular distinction here is the primarily lateral movement of Mr. Good's left mouth corner. In contrast the mouth corner of contempt has a distinctive upward/vertical vector.

At 0:42, as the same recording is playing, Mr. Good displays a regret display once more as he listens to the recording. This occurs at the split second he hears himself say "dead".

There are other regret displays at 0:15-0:16, 0:17 and 0:21.

 Mr. Zimmerman is breathing deep and at an increased rate - 27 breaths per minute. Without knowing what is his baseline normal rate we cannot say how elevated it is for him - however this value is significantly elevated above normal for age. In this context this is a nonspecific indicator of generalized anxiety.

Trayvon Martin's mother, Gladys Martin's respiration is 28 breaths per minute - also significantly above normal.

Do you see any other evidence for a suppressed smile?

What other body language tells do you see?

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2443:
Kristen Wiig's Disgust & Fear Face -
Graham Norton, Chris O'Dowd and Fly Eating
(Video, Photo)

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell were recently on The Graham Norton Show to promote their upcoming film, "Despicable Me 2". Chris O'Dowd, who was also a guest, nearly swallowed a fly in his water. The above video clip is hilarious - and from a body language aspect is also quite illustrative.

In this image Kristen Wiig's facial expression displays two primary emotions - both Fear and Disgust. The most notable characteristics at this moment (same moment in close up in image below at the 1:40 mark) are her dilated/flared nostrils along with a tightening of the comedian's mid-face. Her eyebrows are also lowered and her eyelids are significantly partially closed. These configurations are indicative of disgust.

Rapid covering of the mouth is also consistent with disgust. 

Wiig's mouth has both characteristics of both disgust (upper lip pulled up) and fear (corners of mouth pulled back).

Kristen Wiig - close up of above image

This is a humorous illustration of what is seen in the real world - emotions often occur together. The ability to discern the nuances of the nonverbal signals provides a crucial edge in both personal and professional worlds.

What other body language tells are seen in this video?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2442:
Nancy Pelosi's Subtle Contempt Display
Body Language Regarding "Who Cares?" Retort
(Video, Photos)

When asked about Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) opinion regarding the Supreme Court of the United States 5 to 4 decision to overturn the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded with, "Who cares?"

As she answers, Ms. Pelosi shows a subtle display of contempt. The image to the left and the one below were captured from the video above less than one second apart (both at 0:09 second mark). Here the former Speaker of the House's body language, paralanguage and word choice were all highly congruent. She is sincere in her feelings contempt - and thus not trying to hide it.

Of course, a huge fraction of the time people DO try to conceal their true feels - and in such scenarios most of those who are listening and watching will mistakenly put most or all of the weight on the words spoken while ignoring the nonverbal signals. Doing so is a big mistake.

So if someone is saying "all the right things" but their body language is disparate - always believe what their body language. The question is - can you accurately interpret what their nonverbals are saying?

We don't look directly at someone we don't like, don't trust or don't respect. Here the journalist asking the question is essentially acting as a momentary surrogate for Rep. Bachmann. Here Ms. Pelosi turns her head & neck while displaying a prolonged blink. These alone would indicate contempt - however the subtle snarl & lip elevation on Nancy's left (upper lip) leaves no doubt what she is feeling. Take note this movement has primarily an upward vector (in contrast to regret which is mostly lateral).

Although it is difficult to see, Ms. Pelosi's left nostril also momentarily flares.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2441:
Paula Deen's Apology - What Does Her Body Language Say?

Julia Roberts is famously known for saying, "... I want my kids to know when I’m pissed, when I’m happy, and when I’m confounded. Your face tells a story… and it shouldn’t be a story about your drive to the doctor’s office." She was referring to the dramatic increased use of Botox and plastic surgery.

Paula Deen's recent apologies regarding her use of racial slurs in the past is a poignant reminder of Robert's statement. As in all communication, an apology is composed of verbal, paralanguage (tone, word choice, volume, speed, cadence, etc.) and nonverbal components. If an apology is sincere there should always be complete congruence between all three of these levels.

Because Ms. Deen has had Botox treatments to her forehead, we cannot see the Central Forehead Contraction (CFC) in the typical and expected manner. Instead her whole forehead is significantly hypo-reactive. Her relative lack of this empathy expression (CFC also known as the "grief muscle") is detected by most all of us subconsciously and leaves us feeling like "something isn't quite right". It's one reason that some who have seen this apology do not feel she is sincere.

Take special note here that in such cases of apologies, this CFC must also have a congruent mouth expression - e.g. sadness, and never even a trace of a smile. Also of particular importance is that many times the central forehead is contracted when there is insincerity present - Can you tell one from the other?

Are there any other nonverbal signals which indicate insincerity?

What body language-facial expressions are present here which signify sincerity?

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2440:
Vladimir Putin Dials Up His Alpha ...
Foot Position, Projecting Leadership,
Confidence & Body Language

Vladimir Putin is shown in the above image with his feet slightly greater than his shoulder-width apart. Although neither a video or the translation is currently available for this moment, we can certainly diagnose his emotions in the moment this photo was taken.

Mr. Putin is rarely feeling a lack of confidence. And this is no exception. He felt particularly alpha & adamant about an issue when he was speaking here. The Russian President is only 1.70 meters (5'7") in height - and some shorter men have an aversion of standing in such a way because it momentarily decreases their height. However standing with your feet about shoulder width apart or slightly closer projects (outwardly to others as well as to one's own psyche) confidence, strength of purpose, leadership, courage and increases the over-all "Alpha Quotient". It even engenders greater fluidity to speech and increases confidence in vocal tone. Those who stand with their feet too close together will experience the opposite. And while it is not advocated for women to stand with their feet separated as widely as men - the same phenomena holds true for both genders - as well as the animal kingdom (women configure their feet about 20- 25% closer in equivalent scenarios). Too often women avoid doing so for fear of looking masculine/not looking feminine. However, women need to take advantage of this nonverbal principle too. 

Very occasionally, if one wants to place a powerful punctuation regarding a particular point - a momentary slightly wider stance of the feet will add alpha. This is exactly what Vladimir is doing here.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2439:
Michael Jackson's Wrongful Death Suit
AEG Live CEO's Body Language During Deposition

The following is a partial nonverbal analysis of a brief segment (2:30 length) of a deposition from Michael Jackson's wrongful death suit. Mr. Dan Beckerman, CEO of AEG Live is being deposed.

"Forward Lip Pursing" is displayed several times during this segment. Here it occurs at 0:06 - 0:08. Forward lip pursing is a signal of clandestine partial or full disagreement. It is displayed by those who, at least in part, are relative alpha personalities and believe their idea/plan is superior.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2321:  Cardinal Timothy Dolan on "Face the Nation"  Problems in Catholic Church & Electing a New Pope  Clergy are Not Exempt from Body Language Tells ...

During 0:10 - 0:13 the "Inward Lip Roll" is seen. The inward lip roll (ILR) is a sign that the psyche is trying to suppress significant emotion.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2365:  Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods - Body Language at the Masters

The "Asymmetrical Lip Purse" is indicative of openly (non-secretively) deciding on a course of action. It's as if to say, "I am deciding". One will can see this many times through a brief trip of a grocery store or when people are looking at a menu.

This expression was made famous last summer by McKayla Maroney, the American Gymnast at the London Olympics. Virtually everyone misinterpreted it though - her expression was falsely labeled as:
"Not Impressed" (most commonly) and also "Scowl", "Pouty", "Disgust" or "Contempt". This large, society wide scale and repeated misinterpretation exemplifies the preponderance of ignorance regarding many common (let alone the much needed nuance) of nonverbal communication signals.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2249:  The Most Misinterpreted Facial Expression of 2012 - McKayla Maroney's "Not Impressed"  Body Language-Facial Expression

At 0:42 Mr. Beckerman's ears elevate upwards (Don't confuse this with a jump in the video due to editing which occurs at 0:44). This is a rarely captured example of a manifestation of a very common emotion.

What does this brief "Ear Elevation" indicate?

What does his extended blink afterwards mean in this context?

Beginning at 0:52 several seconds of a suppressed smile can easily be seen.

Is this a display an example of "Duping Delight" or something else?

At 1:13 to 1:16 Mr. Beckerman displays an example of a "Bitter Smile". This signals regret and when people make this expression they believe, that in real-time they are pushing out a slight smile. Notable is the concave up appearance to the lips/mouth - when during even a modest social smile the lips/mouth should be concave down.

This is one of the best examples of how we as human beings have a profoundly inaccurate ability to assess our own body language-facial expressions when we are in a significant emotional state.

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Another forward lip purse at 1:29

Sideways (asymmetrical) lip purse is seen again at 1:31

At 1:56 - 1:57 Mr. Beckerman rubs his nose for a full two seconds after answering a question.

What does this body language mean?

This gesture is an example of what general class of nonverbals?

Mr. Beckerman closes both eyelids for what is known as an extended blink just after the above noted nose rub.

In this cluster-context what does such an extended blink indicate?


Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2438: Sincere Surprise Body Language - Three Year Old (Grayson) Receives Brain Stem Implant and Hears for the First Time (Video, Photos)

After a cochlear implant failed to work, three year old Grayson Clamp received an auditory brain stem implant at University of North Carolina. In the video above we witness a miracle of modern medicine as the gift of hearing is given to this sweet child. It is empathy evoking. What follows is a brief analysis of some of his body language.

Like all emotions, surprise is often feigned, but not so here.

When sincere surprise is significant, it is always accompanied by a wide opening of the eyelids (most notable on the upper eyelids) along with a wide vertically elongated opening of the mouth.

Another angle of the same moment of surprise.

Surprise is often accompanied by a covering of the mouth. This signals emotional processing. The emotional brain is trying to "take in" the ramifications of a new and very significant event.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2437:
Michael Jackson's Wrongful Death Trial
Faux Pas Body Language during Testimony by
AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips

Randy Phillips the CEO of AEG Live is shown here during his recent testimony of Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial. The configuration of Mr. Phillips hands is that of a "High Conventional Steeple" with a simultaneous mouth cover. A conventional steeple - if displayed very selectively (and essentially choreographed) for short periods of time (a second or two) will transmit emotions of authority, alpha personality and high confidence levels. The trouble is those who use it almost always overuse it and therefore it backfires and sends signals of arrogance as well as patronizing and condescending emotional tones. These are never emotions which, as his attorney, you would ever want the jury to perceive.

Additionally Mr. Phillips' coexisting mouth cover is a variation of a MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier). MAPs very often signal heightened anxiety levels - as is the case here (in the setting of differing facial expressions, what would be some other interpretations of this particular MAP cluster?). Thus Mr. Phillips' body language is displaying significant emotional dissonance - both a hyper-alpha/arrogance - while at the same time that of significant anxiety.

How to behave on the witness stand is an important matter - for the guilty can look innocent and the innocent may appear guilty. And jurors (or judges) will decide with their guts as much or more than their heads.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2436:
Vladimir Putin next to Barack Obama -
G8 Body Language (Video, Photo)

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of course conducted discussions recently at the G8 Meeting in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Their nonverbal language speaks volumes. In the above image (from the very end of the video below) after the end of a press conference with his American counterpart, Vladimir shows several emotions at once.

His jaw is clenched tightly which is a clear display of Anger. This is evidenced by the dimpling of his chin as well as the presence of a particular variety of "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR). When an inward lip roll occurs in a more isolated emotional context, the lips roll in more (because the jaw is slightly open) and it looks as if both the upper and lower lips are being bitten down on. When the jaw is clenched however, the area just below the lower lip and just above the upper lip - bulge outwards. This nonverbal variant (Peri-Lip Bulge) occurs because with the teeth together there is no place left for the tissue to go - thus it bunches up.

The ILR signifies the psyche's attempt at suppressing an outward display and an inward crescendo of significant levels emotion - and here that emotion is Anger.

The upward directed right corner of Putin's mouth as well as the "tucked-in" appearance of both right and left corner of his moth shows us that Mr. Putin has significant Regret and is also quite Frustrated.

Putin's particular combination (aka body language cluster) of facial nonverbals will evoke anxiety and mirrored frustration in most everyone who witness it. How often do you make this facial expression without realizing it nor its ramifications?

What other very significant body language do you see in this video?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2435:
Amy Adams, Henry Cavill & Russell Crowe on Graham Norton
Four Different Sitting Positions -
Different Body Language Meanings
(Video, Photos)

All starring in the new film, "Man of Steel", Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Russell Crowe all recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show. In the video above and images below you will note there are four different sitting configurations.

Here the most recent rendition of Superman, Cavill sits with both feet planted on the floor with legs splayed - but not too widely. This is a masculine configuration - and yet not over compensating. If his legs were spread at a significantly wider angle, aka the "seated crotch display" - is a hyper-masculine/alpha display that often offends women and is off-putting in business settings and with dating.

Cavill is the least confident/emotionally comfortable of the four (what other nonverbals indicate this?)

Russell Crowe is sitting on one leg, with his right ankle completely beneath his left thigh. This configuration (or its mirror opposite) is predominately seen in women and gay men and is relatively uncommon to rare in straight men (Crowe is straight). If you were to ask anyone sitting in this manner why they are seated as such, they would say that they are comfortable - implying physically comfort. However people only display this body language when they are first emotionally comfortable. Indeed if a subject or situation arises which they don't like or causes even a minor decrease in emotional comfort - they will rapidly cease to sit this way.

Emotional comfort is a prerequisite to physical comfort. 

Amy Adams is shown in the seated body language configuration known as parallel legs (Pease). Men around the World universally find this particular leg orientation the most attractive as it increase the muscular tone and lends a more youthful appearance as well as subliminally signaling sexual readiness.

Graham Norton is sitting in a traditional "European Crossed-Leg Configuration". This is consistent with relatively high emotional comfort - which certainly makes sense since it is his show and his home turf.

Always be careful to avoid interpreting body language signals in isolation. Be vigilant to look for several nonverbals occurring simultaneously or nearly so - lest you will misdiagnose others' emotional states.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2434:
Brad Pitt's Tongue-in-Cheek regarding
Reasons for Choosing to Work on "World War Z"
(Video, Photo)

Brad Pitt is interviewed in the above video regarding his upcoming film, "World War Z".  At the 0:35 mark, Angela Jolie's husband can be seen displaying a "Tongue in Cheek" nonverbal just after he says the word territory in the following sentence: " ...I, I, I, I love these big summer films and ahhh ... and hadn't really ventured into that territory ...." (The movie-star's stuttering is very notable here).

[Hmmm, take the movie "Troy" for example. It was released in 14 May 2004. A summer block buster perhaps? Or what about "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" released 7 June 2005? Each had all the fanfare and hype of a "summer blockbuster". Both of these films has also generated about half a billion dollars.]

The tongue in cheek nonverbal can have multiple meanings depending on the other specific body language-facial expressions with which it is clustered. In other contexts the tongue in cheek body language can indicate, an alpha dominant display, a sexually provocative expression, anger, sadness or grief, or "I gotcha"/"you were caught"/"I just won". In this context however, the tongue in cheek indicates that Mr. Pitt is telling a lie.

What other simultaneous and near-simultaneous nonverbals are also consistent with Mr. Pitt's attempt at deception?

Tongue in cheek displays tend to be biased to one side if the context is beta/negative (e.g. sadness, lying) and to the opposite side in an alpha/positive scenario (e.g. sexual context, I gotcha/I just won/you were caught, an outright alpha display). These left vs. right sided tongue tendencies are idiosyncratic to the person and should be normed.

When the tongue in cheek is used in the setting of a lie, this highly specific move helps in the suppression of a smile, blushing or laughter. Thus in the context of a lie it has significant overlap with the phenomenon of "Duping Delight".

Are you able to differentiate the various tongue in cheek emotions? Could you do so on the street? During a deposition? On a date? Trying to close a sale?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2433:
Vladimir Putin & David Cameron Disagree on Syria -
A Body Language Evaluation of Russian Leader

Prior to the 2013 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, David Cameron and Vladimir Putin met at 10 Downing Street on Sunday. On the subject of the Syrian Civil War, the two could hardly be further apart. What follows below is some body language analysis of the Russian President from a portion their press conference (video above) [Note that Mr. Putin is receiving translation so Cameron's words and Vladimir's responses are not linked as closely as if they both were speaking the same language].

During 0:23 - 0:25, Mr. Putin takes a deep two second inhalation followed by a "Bilateral Eyelid Closure" just after  Mr. Cameron says, "...I believe that Assad is responsible for tearing his country apart ..." indicating strong anxiety with emotional blocking.

Putin is trying to control his temper - and he does so outwardly - however internally it escalates and anger signals can be clearly seen (below).

Vladimir clearly displays a "Jaw Jut" at 0:29. A jaw jut in this cluster-context is a nonverbal signal which is highly indicative of anger. This occurs just after Vladimir says, "...and that to end Syria's nightmare he (Bashar al-Assad) has to go."

What other emotion may the body language of a jaw jut indicate?

The former KGB officer displays a Cheek Scratch at 0:31. In this cluster context this MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier) indicates strong anxiety in response to the Prime Minister's statement, "...The new evidence this week of how the regime is gassing its people ..."

At 0:36 Mr. Putin displays an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR) which indicates an attempt of the psyche to control a strong emotion and its outward display. Here Vladimir is trying to suppress his anger.

Of course, there are truckloads of other nonverbals here - what are does Putin display? And Cameron?

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