Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2430:
Dolph Lundgren is an Alpha Male and
He Wants Everyone to Know It -
Seated Crotch Display
(Video, Photo)

In the video featured above, Dolph Lundgren is shown in the "Seated Crotch Display" configuration. This nonverbal is an alpha body language display and is seen almost exclusively in men. Male co-workers, friends or adversaries will often sit around a table in this manner (legs very widely splayed) in what is one type of a subconscious display of relative dominance. When in a professional setting of mixed company, men who use the seated crotch display will lose rapport and very often offend women (and most men are completely unaware of this turn-off).

Depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered, the seated crotch display (SCD) can also be a sign of sexual interest and/or sexual display in both men and women (Think of a male peacock, ruffed grouse, etc.) Although a considerably less common body language of females - when the SCD is used by women, it is much more indicative of sexual interest as opposed to a dominance display.

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