Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2446:
Harry Reid's Lip Purse -
Body Language, the Immigration Bill & Negotiation
(Video, Photo)

Harry Reid (D-NV) answers a question here regarding Immigration Reform. Notice the expression - particularly with his mouth - the Senate Majority leader makes at the 0:11 mark. This is a brief and straight-on view of what in body language parlance is known as a "Lip Purse" (see image below).

Pursing of the Lips is a nonverbal that is made by someone who, at least in that moment, perceives himself and his position to be an alpha (relative to the antagonist at hand). It also is a signal that they believe their plan/opinion/answer is superior - however they will only be sharing a part (perhaps none) of it openly. Because they are the relative alpha - they also believe they have a reasonable chance, the resources and power to successfully execute their plan.
Think of the lip purse as a signal of clandestine disagreement and strengthen your "Plan B" for an ambush.

You may not have a master tactician like Senator Reid across the table from you - but you should never take a lip purse casually.

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