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Body Language Analysis No. 4404: Donald Trump's reaction to being booed at the World Series — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

President Donald Trump was vigorously booed as he and the First Lady were introduced on 27 October 2019 during the fifth game of baseball's World Series. What follows is a nonverbal analysis of Trump's reaction as seen in the above video.

This first image (captured during 0:01) shows Donald Trump as he was in the act of standing up. Note his Inward Lip Roll as well as his Jaw Jut.

A Jaw Jut is a signal of an adrenaline surge. An Inward Lip Roll is typically a sign of one's psyche trying to suppress strong emotions, however, it can also be seen during moments of moderate to extreme physical exertion.

The President's nostrils are also flared significantly. Taken in toto, this nonverbal cluster indicates that the effort Mr. Trump had to put forth in order to stand up quickly from a seated position is, for him, a moderately physically demanding activity.

When he hears the announcer mention him and the First Lady, he rotates his head and neck to his right (0:10). Notice the expression on his face. His eyebrows and forehead are significantly elevated — while his eyelids are nearly closed.

Trump's lips are pursed forward with a narrow opening (as if to say, "Oooouuu!").

A split-second later, still rotating his head-neck, his mouth opens wider (As if to say, "Aaaahhh!").

Note his mouth opening is wider horizontally than it is vertically (although this camera angle makes this disparity somewhat less contrasting). Crucially, his lower teeth are visible.

The President's eyelids are still mostly closed while his forehead and eyebrows are retracting upwards (maintaining this opposite direction dynamic). True surprise is always accompanied by widely-opened eyelids.

A sincere (non-feigned) expression of surprise would also have a dramatically vertically opened mouth (significantly taller than it is wide). In addition, teeth are not visible during moments of sincere surprise.  Trump's 'surprise' is acted — it's completely feigned.

After his head and neck are fully rotated and he's looking at Melania, Donald Trump displays, what for him, is rare — a Sincere (Duchenne) Smile.

Note that at this moment, Trump's:

• forehead is relaxed (and lowered)
• eyebrows are also relaxed
• eyelids are partially (mostly) closed
• furrows in each of his lower eyelids are concave-upward
• mouth corners are pulled significantly upward
• cheek muscles (zygomaticus major) are contracted and bunched upward
• only his upper teeth are visible  All of these are components of a true smile of joy-happiness.

At this moment, Trump hears only the cheer of the crowd and is delighted.

But just a few seconds later, Trump is displaying the first inkling that something is amiss (0:14). The crowd is booing loudly. Notice how red his face is growing (This image is not altered in any way). Watch it again, paying specific attention to the color change.

In this specific scenario, Trump's facial hue dynamic is caused by three factors:

A. Peripheral Vasodilation — blood vessels near surface of his skin on his face are growing wider in diameter. This physiology is involuntary and, in this emotional context, is a form of blushing.

B. Valsalva Manuever (an involuntary Valsalva, and here it's only partial), a moderately forceful attempted exhalation against a closed airway (in this case, partially closed).

C. Increased Abdominal Pressure (contracting one's "stomach" [abdominal musculature])

At the 0:17 mark, he has no doubt — things have turned badly. He's sure of it now. Notice how full and red his face and neck have become.

Trump directs his gaze downward — for a moment not looking at himself on the Jumbotron (0:18).

Three seconds later (0:21) he looks back at his image on the big screen while people are booing. Trump is embarrassed. He looks ill — as if his pain is physical, not emotional.

Shortly after his lips close, the President makes this face (during 0:24). This is a highly characteristic expression of disdain, disgust, repulsion, and disappointment. Moreover, and profoundly, in this moment — all of these emotions are self-directed.

If an actor needed to make this expression, they would be well-advised to bring to mind a strong memory of bitter self-disappointment and self-disgust.

And not surprisingly, to anyone who has studied nonverbal communication in-depth, the mere act of successfully recreating this expression will also bring about feelings of bitterness, disappointment, and self-disgust.

Observing carefully, you'll be able to see Donald Trump swallowing during the 0:24 mark as well. You can sense his stomach acid in his mouth. This is not a metaphor — rather it's literal.

For in the ten or so preceding seconds (as noted previously), Trump's intra-abdominal pressure increased and he's not inhaling — rather he's exhaling. His tongue is retracted and bunched in the back of his mouth.

Trump's facial expression in this moment is very similar to that seen during an involuntary and painful Valsalva maneuver together with increased intra-abdominal pressure (i.e., Bowel movement, or painful procedure, etc.).

A distinct expression of Fear mixed with Painful Disbelief can be seen on Trump's face during the 0:26 mark.

Trump hard-swallows during 0:29. He has a bitter taste in his mouth. Regret and (emotional) pain are prominent here.

During the 0:33 mark (just prior to the camera fade-out), we see Trump display what is known as a Tight Tongue Jut. A tight tongue jut is a signal for the thought-emotions of:

• Disdain
• Disgust
• Repulsion

Take care not to confuse a Tight Tongue Jut with a Loose Tongue Jut or a Wide Open Tongue Jut, for all three indicate entirely different thought-emotions.

At this moment, Trump is feeling a combination of both Regret and Contempt (0:40).

After he sits back down (0:48), Trump again looks physically unwell — as if he were in considerable physical pain. His pain, however, is emotional.

Trump inhales (between teeth with a forward pushing tongue) in an, "Okay, let's get this over-with" type of emotional tone (as one might say at the beginning of an anticipated painful experience), (0:50).

He sits forward on his chair (his baseline behavior, which may be in part due to his shoe/heel lifts) and interlaces his fingers (frustration).

Trump closes his eyelids almost completely, hunches his shoulders, foreshortens his neck, tilts his head back — with his chin pushing forward (0:51). His fingers remain intertwined. This is a classic nonverbal cluster of Arrogance.

In the very last frame of this video, we see Trump displaying another Tight Tongue Jut (Disdain, Disgust, and Repulsion).

SUMMARY: Last night, during the fifth game of The 2019 World Series, Donald Trump was forcefully booed by a large percentage of the crowd. This was followed by loud and repeated chants to "Lock him up!".

Trump reacted with self-repulsion and self-disdain. Although his pain was emotional, he looked as if he was in significant physical pain. The President also displayed bitter-regret, disbelief, and fear.

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Body Language Analysis No. 4403: Mike Pompeo's Interview in Nashville by Nancy Amons — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On 6 October 2019, the Trump administration ordered American troops to withdraw from northeastern Syria, where the United States had been supporting its Kurdish allies. Turkey began its military operation on 9 October 2019 when the Turkish Air Force launched airstrikes against the Kurdish people living in the towns bordering Turkey. On 11 October 2019, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo sat for an interview by Nancy Amons in Nashville. What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of that exchange.

After Ms. Amons says, "I'm going to start right away with the tough stuff that you're expecting" — we see Mike Pompeo immediately (0:57) displays an amalgam expression of:

• Horizontal Mouth Opening — signifying Anger
• Jaw Jut (Jaw Thrust Forward) — signaling an Adrenaline Surge
• Bunching up of tissue immediately beneath the lower lip — a sign of Frustration

In the same second (0:57) Secretary Pompeo looks Down to his Right (the quadrant to which we often gaze during shame, sadness, guilt, and when projecting deception).

While he simultaneously displays a Loose Tongue Jut. A loose tongue jut is significant for the thought-emotions of:

• "I've been caught"
• "I've been bad"
• "I've done a foolish thing"

(Take care not to confuse a Loose Tongue Jut with a Tight Tongue Jut or a Wide Open Tongue Jut — for they indicate entirely different emotions).

After Ms. Amons says, "Michael McKinley first", Mr. Pompeo looks down to his right (1:03). With high reliability, human beings commonly feel guilt, sadness, shame, and deception when looking to their lower right quadrant.

There is a possible distraction to his left (1:03), however, it may not be significant at all. Often a person who does not want to be confronted will 'find' minor events to which he can temporarily 'escape'. This appears to have been what's happened here.

You may have noticee that as Pompeo looks to his left, his forehead muscles and eyebrows elevate while his eyelids close. This opposite-direction dynamic of these closely juxtaposed tissues is a profound red flag for accompanying deception coupled with arrogance-contempt.

Note too, that his mouth opening has also reconfigured into the highly characteristic horizontal lips of anger.

Moreover, his midface is very tightened. This dynamic is best seen with the flaring of Pompeo's nostrils and the tightening of the area above his lips and below his nose (the Mustache region). This cluster-context is also highly indicative of anger.

After he turns his head back toward Ms. Amons, just after she says, "big announcement yesterday" (1:05), he tilts his head back (anger-arrogance), his lips again grow horizontal, become very thin (thin lips of anger), and then disappear — even though his teeth are clenched (high adrenaline surge).

From about 1:06 - 1:36, Secretary Pompeo displays a mild-moderate expression of contempt toward Ms. Amons and the subject of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. It's helpful to think of this expression of contempt as a slight snarl (centered on the left side of his face). There's also a secondary component of disgust present.

Pompeo's contemt-disgust occurs as Ms. Amons says, "... one of your most trusted senior advisors, um, resigned. He's adding his voice to a number of career diplomats who've expressed frustration over what they see as your failure to stand up for, ahum, government servants - and servants like Ambassador Yovanovitch who've been caught up in the Ukraine controversy. Ahum, did you do enough to defend the Ambassador privately and publicly against the smear campaign that was being waged against her? And will you speak to that now?"

He smacks his lips, looks down, slightly to his right (1:36) and says, "Well Ma'am you have some of your facts wrong. Ah, so you, you should be careful about things you assert as facts before you — state them."

His lack of temporary lack of eye contact at this crucial moment is telling.

In this image (1:48) just as he says the word, "team" ("along with my team"), we can see Secretary Pompeo's forehead elevating with uneven contraction on his left side as well as the region in the center of his forehead above his nose. This same area, as well as most of each eyebrow, demonstrate significant erythema (reddening). This combination of findings indicates, with high probability, that Mike Pompeo has had recent Botox treatment to these areas.  

At 1:57, Mike Pompeo again looks down to his right (guilt, sadness, shame, and deception) just before he says, "I think, I think [stutter] the results that we've achieved — I've been the Secretary of State now fer [sic] — about a year and a half — I think the results that we've achieve [sic] stand on their own."

This image, captured during 2:00, shows Pompeo smiling (sincerely and partially suppressed)  as he tells us how long he's been Secretary of State. Ms. Amons just asked him a serious question. His answer, with his smiling-out-of-context, is a highly significant red flag.

At 2:17, Pompeo can be seen shaking his head, side-to-side, in a classic "No" denial illustrator, while referring to the State Department, "... to focus on a singular mission, to deliver on behalf of America, and I think we have done that...". Secretary Pompeo repeats this same dynamic at multiple times throughout this interview — see if you can spot all of them.

This behavior is a quintessential example of the nonverbal axiom: Whenever the body language contradicts the verbal language, it's the body language that is telling the truth.

After Ms. Amons asks, "Can you speak to Michael McKinley's resignation?" Pompeo answers, "I don't talk about personnel matters". Immediately after that (2:27), Pompeo displays disgust. Note that his eyelids are partially closed. While not a required component of the expression of disgust, in this context this partial eyelid closure is a contempt amplifier.

Note his mid-facial tightening — particularly in his mustache region and with the flaring of his nostrils. These dynamics are highly characteristic of disgust.

Disgust is also often accompanied by a pseudo-smile. This is an attempt at camouflage — an analog of painting over dirt — and while it may fool a good percentage of people, most can usually tell that this ruse that's far from sincere. 

At 2:56, just after he says, "I appreciate your inquiry a great deal, but it just wouldn't be appropriate", Pompeo once again displays disgust.

From a Statement Analysis perspective, Pompeo's multiple uses of the word, "appropriate" is also highly suspect (three times within 24 seconds, 2:32 - 2:56). "Appropriate" is a word which people often use to lend credibility to their opinion. It's a phenomenon of rationalization behavior — a word that pretends to be objective, but it really screams with subjectivity and confirmation bias.

As Ms. Amons begins to speak about Ambassador Yovanovitch, Secretary Pompeo's disgust deepens and takes on a component of contempt and anger (3:01).

It's crucial to also notice that Pompeo's respiration also increases (watch his shoulders rise and fall). It was already elevated during this interview, however, it increases even further to approximately one breath every 2 seconds - which is about 1.5 to 2.5 times normal. The subject of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is a strong emotional trigger for Secretary Pompeo.

Another amalgam of Contempt, Anger, and Disgust is exhibited by Pompeo (3:09) immediately after he says, "I've supported every mission that the State Department has been engaged in and will continue to do that".

At 3:15, Mike Pompeo displays a poorly feigned smile (masking more disgust) as Ms. Amons begins to frame a question regarding the Kurdish people. This 'smile' is feigned and highly insincere.

As Ms. Amons says, "A senior State Department official told reporters yesterday that, 'Among the deepest concerns about Turkey's incursion are indiscriminate firing on civilians and even ethnic cleansing", Pompeo hard swallows (watch his Adam's apple rise and fall) and closes his eyes (3:29).

In this moment, Pompeo once again shakes his head side to side, in a "no" illustrator as he says, "So I'm very proud of what we've done in support of the Kurds". This nonverbal display contradicts his words - Pompeo is not proud at all. This nonverbal-verbal disparity is also betrayed by the partial smile the Secretary of State is displaying. Such a smile is completely out of context given the subject being discussed is death and war (4:07).

During 4:10 - 4:11, Pompeo laughs, as he says,  "... even, even as I sit here today" (and immediately after he says, "We're working diligently ..."). He then repeats the word "diligently" within 3 seconds. ("Out team is working diligently on the ground").

After he finishes his answer he returns to an amalgam of Anger-Disgust-Contempt (4:24).

Beginning at 4:24, Ms. Amons continues, "And for the Kurds who are here in Nashville, do you see why they're so worried?"

At 4:33, Pompeo again smile-laughs as he says, "You have to remember...". After saying, "We've been incredibly supportive, and we will continue to support them". He then goes on to say, "... ah, and I'm sure the people in this region would know that the Kurds exist not only in Syria, they exist in many places."

Pompeo's logic seems very much to suggest, 'If we do good over here, you have to discount our bad behavior over there.'

"And, ah, the United States has been and will continue to be incrediv of [sic] supportive to protect them. We've made ah, we've made a real ..."

As Pompeo says, "We've made ah, we've made a real ...", he looks down to his right (4:44).

The most common thought-emotions for looking in this quadrant are guilt, sadness, shame, and deception.

Pompeo then bites his lip at 4:46 just prior to saying, "centerpiece".  This lip-biting conveys Pompeo's subconscious hesitancy to speaking about protecting victims of oppression.

Where he had been subtly nodding his head in up-and-down affirmation, Pompeo then suddenly changes to a side-to-side shaking dynamic as he says, "... protecting people all around the world ..." (4:49).

His nonverbal behavior is saying,  "no", which is in direct contradiction to his verbal behavior. Whenever these two behaviors are disparate, it's the nonverbal message which tells the truth. Pompeo is lying.

He then proceeds to smile as he shakes his head in a side-to-side, "no" (beginning at 4:55) as he says, "all the things, ah, that I know the Kurdish people that live right here (care so deeply about"). Again, why is Pompeo smiling when discussing such a weighty topic? It's completely out of context. And why is he shaking his head, "No" — his nonverbal behavior contradicts his words.  

Pompeo once again reverts to an expression of Anger-Disgust-Contempt (5:01) and maintains it as Ms. Amons asks her next question:

"In mid-February, you were in Warsaw and so was Rudy Giuliani. During your time there, did you meet with Giuliani?"

Pompeo then pauses for about 3.0 seconds and his contempt expression grows considerably. He doesn't answer Ms. Amons' question (5:15).

Pompeo then repeats himself, in a manner which is close to word-for-word, three times, as she presses the Secretary of State for an answer. In between his answers he returned to his Anger-Disgust-Contempt expression (but with the contempt component being the largest). Watch this change in the video (at full speed, at 12 speed, at 1/4 speed, and once again at full speed. Repeat this cycle several times — doing so will make you more attuned to detecting this expression in real-time.

During the second of his three repeats, Pompeo brings up the subject of the Obama administration ("to recover from the Obama administration has done which was to underwrite the world's largest state sponsor of terror".) As he said, "to recover" (5:40), Pompeo quickly looks down to his right once again (guilt, sadness, shame, and deception).

Pompeo's expression once again returns to a strong Anger-Disgust-Contempt expression (6:04) after he responds to Ms. Amons with his third version of his non-answer (never addressing whether or not he met with Rudy Giuliani while they were in Warsaw).

Beginning at 6:05, Ms. Amons asks, "Text messages show that diplomats under your authority told the Ukrainians that a good relationship with President Trump was only possible if they investigated his political opponent and theories about what happened in 2016. Were you aware that this was happening?"

Watch Secretary Pompeo carefully during the 16 seconds it took Ms. Amons to ask this question. You'll note that Pompeo's respiration is very quick — perhaps at the highest rate at any time during this entire interview. During this time, Pompeo's expression took on a greater component of anger (6:18).

Mike Pompeo does not answer the question, rather he proceeds to retort with admonishing Ms. Amons with the phrasing of her question. While doing so, he's smiling and faux-laughing. Why? Laughing and smiling out-of-context is always a red flag (6:29).

He once again berates President Obama (beginning at 6:51, "And this administration, unlike the previous one, is taking those responsibilities very seriously").

Pompeo continues at 6:57, "Part of that, an incredibly important part of that, is making sure that corruption [hard swallow] is weeded out [looks down to right] at every level [smiling] inside of Ukraine. And our team, for the entire time I've been Secretary of State has been working on that project [shaking head no].

Just after he says, "corruption", Pompeo hard-swallows to an extreme degree. This example of hard- swallowing is so profound, it's almost a caricature (7:02).

A split-second after he says, "is weeded out" (7:03), Pompeo again looks down to his right (guilt, sadness, shame, and deception) just prior to a prolonged blink.

During the blink, and after this prolonged blink, Pompeo once again suppresses a smile (7:04).

Why is he smiling when he's speaking about corruption? (7:05). This overlaps with the phenomenon of what is known as duping delight (taking pleasure in the belief that another person is being fooled when attempting to perpetrate a lie). Please watch the video as the subtlety of this dynamic is not captured well in still images.

He also shakes his head in a side-to-side "No" illustrator while stating a positive affirmation ("And our team, for the entire time I've been Secretary of State has been working on that project"). This is yet another example of Pompeo's body language contradicting his verbal language. When you see such disparity, believe the body language — not the spoken words.

When Ms. Amons asks her final question, "Would you like to wrap it up by saying why you're here?", Pompeo again looks down to his right as he talks about religious freedoms and oppressed minorities around the world. He also continues to shake his head "no" in body language contradictory to his words (7:21).

It's noteworthy that Pompeo's team their phones in the room after they departed (at 8:11, Ms. Amons can be heard saying, "Their phones are still there").

In addition, throughout this interview, Mike Pompeo's rate of blinking is significantly diminished versus normal (for him personally, as well as the population at large). This sets off subconscious alarms in most people — as it should. Such staring is significant for an elevated adrenaline state as well as anger and predatory behavior.

Moreover, Pompeo's breathy measured mostly monotone vocal quality is indicative of suppressed anger and condescending emotions.

SUMMARY: The nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior displayed by Secretary Pompeo during this interview, with extremely high likelihood, indicates that:

• Mike Pompeo lied repeatedly during this interview
• Pompeo met with Rudy Giuliani in Warsaw
• Pompeo is worried about Michael McKinley's testimony
• Pompeo has disgust and contempt toward former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch
• Pompeo displays significant difficulty with impulse control
• Pompeo feigns and does not care for the religious freedoms of oppressed minorities
• Pompeo displays strong guilt and anxiety when speaking about corruption
• Pompeo displays extreme anxiety and anger with the subject of Ukraine arms-for-dirt allegations
• Pompeo's evasiveness and non-answering of multiple questions is highly suspect of guilt
• Pompeo, like Trump, repeatedly deflects by accusing President Obama of wrong-doing
• Pompeo displayed repeated strong contempt, disgust, and anger toward his interviewer, Ms. Amons
• Pompeo displays significant guilt and anxiety regarding Trump's sudden withdraw of support for the Kurdish people

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