Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 94: Sure Sign of a False Smile

Although there are several signs of an insincere and false smile demonstrated here by Charlie Sheen, take note of his teeth. When a sincere smile is present, the lower teeth should not be visible. We all learned to say "cheese" when we were children - which most of the time will elicit a similar baring of the bottom teeth. 

The other valuable lesson here is that even professional actors - those who make their living trying to fool us into believing they're someone they're not - cannot suppress their real feelings nearly as well as they think they can. Their true emotions will always "leak" out if you know where to look.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 92: A Patronizing Face

Konnie Huq (a British television presenter best known for hosting "Peter Blue" and "The Xtra Factor") displays one example in this image of a patronizing facial expression.  Her central (medial) forehead, although difficult to see, is contracted and elevated; and her central eyebrows are also elevated and drawn together.  This forehead/eyebrow combination of findings is very often seen when there is considerable psychological "pain" and has to be present if there is moderate to severe physical pain.  But when seen with a concomitant mouth expression of a smile/social smile - this is a very patronizing expression.  It can also be seen when there are contemptuous-incredulous feelings present. It is a very common expression among television announcers and pundits. It's unfortunately also extremely commonly displayed by physicians and attorneys - and to their detriment, essentially none of them know they are projecting this emotion. It's as if they have "I am arrogant" painted on their faces.