Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sincerity Secret # 55: Sincere Smile or is it Insincere?

Here is a great example of a sincere smile. Notice how Isabelle Giordano's upper and lower eye lids are partially closed. This is the most essential component of true, felt happiness/joy. So often we concentrate on just the mouth, both when we make a smile and when we measure the sincerity of others. Crow's feet may appear or be accentuated (if pre-existing / age-related) as well, but the partial eye closure is the key to a true smile.

Notice also how Isabelle's mouth only shows her upper teeth. The "squared-off" false smile which people will make, pulls their mouths more outward as well as pulling the lower lip down. You should see no more than a fraction of the lower teeth - any more and it's not a true, felt smile.

Also very important is the relaxed appearance of Ms. Giordano's forehead. Smiles where you see wrinkling of the forehead muscles are examples of another very common sign of a false smile. Interestingly, this also tends to be used more in insincere personality types. Negotiators beware!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Negotiation Secret # 47:
Jaw Jut and Mid-face Tightening

Sporting events are a great place to see emotion and body language. Whether in the crowd, the players or the coaches - we routinely see a wide variety of emotion in a short period of time. Here we see Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, with his lower Jaw protruding in the 2010 season opener against the San Francisco 49ers. This is known as a Jaw Jut. It is a sure sign of moderate to severe anger. It also is a signal that the person is not aware of the level of their anger. More importantly, when you see this, there is a significantly greater chance of escalating anger as well as a physical demonstration of the anger. If you or your children see this on the playground, or in the board room, be warned and walk away.

You may also notice that Mr. Carroll's  upper lip - as well as the are between the upper lip and the nose are significantly tightened.  These are also reliable (and much more common) signs  of anger.