Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2318:
John Boehner at Rosa Parks Statue Unveiling
A Body Language Signal of Squelching Tears

Today in the U.S. Capitol Building's Statuary Hall, John Boehner spoke at the unveiling of the statue of Rosa Parks. A portion of his speech is shown in the above video. At several times the Speaker of the House grew emotional. At multiple times the Congressman Ohio also displayed a classic nonverbal which often is seen prior to tearful episodes - the "Lateral Lip Displacement" (one of which is captured in the image below). This characteristic body language-facial expression is a signal of an effort to squelch the emotional display. The lips, most commonly the lower lip, will contract to one side (here Mr. Boehner's left) and protrude. This can also be seen with a "wrinkling" of the front side of the chin.

This Lateral Lip Displacement (with or without protrusion) may occur without tears, a reddened face (not blushing), facial or head touching (manipulators, adaptors, or pacifiers) or other more obvious signals associated with revealed. When the tempering down of emotions is successful, and tears do not fall, many will be left wondering what the expressions they just saw had meant.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2317:
"The Rescuing Hug" -
Body Language of Human Touch & Kangaroo Care

Never underestimate the power of touch. The video above describes twin sisters born on 17 October 1995 in Worcester, Massachusetts twelve weeks premature. They were both weighed about two pounds (about 900 grams). When Brielle Jackson went into respiratory distress, Gayle Kasparian, an NICU nurse, put her healthier sister Kyrie in the incubator with her. This allowed skin-to-skin contact and Brielle immediately stabilized. This and similar practices have been since termed "Kangaroo Care" and the practice with premature infants has been called "co-bedding". It improves oxygen levels in blood, reduces apnea, engenders better weight gain, leads to decreased agitation, reduced hospital length-of-stay, less chance of readmission and better temperature regulation. Hugging/cuddling also strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety, helps depression, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep quality. 

The human touch is a powerful thing. Do not squander it

Both Brielle and Kyrie are healthy are now high school juniors.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2316:
Jennifer Lawrence's Response to Her Oscar Stumble -
Silver Linings Body Language

You probably have seen Jennifer Lawrence receive her Oscar for Best Actress. You probably also recall her tripping on her dress on the way up those stairs. The heels and the tremendous emotions of the moment certainly contributed. Many would have done similar. When a reporter asked the "Silver Linings Playbook" star, "... um ... The fall on the way up to the stage - was, was it a fall? What happened?" and Ms. Lawrence answered, "Was it on purpose? Absolutely. What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress! I tried to walk upstairs in this dress. That's what happened. I didn't actually ... yeah, I think I just stepped on the fabric and, and there wa..., they waxed the stairs." Just after she said, "...stairs". 

At the 1:26 mark, the "Hunger Games" heroine displays a rapid and evanescent thinning of her upper lip, a tightening of the tissue between the nose and upper lip (aka the "mustache area", regardless of gender), a dilation of both nostrils, along with a protrusion of her lower lip, an extended bilateral blink and looking down and away from the reporter. This cluster of nonverbal facial changes constitutes a microexpression of anger & disgust.

Two questions later when another reporter says, "Here Jennifer, over here, here you go. Ah. At twenty-two years old you've got your first Oscar and you've already had two nominations, um, it's awfully young to have so much success so far. Do you feel, is it a good thing that it's coming so early in the career?" and Lawrence answers, "I hope so, yeah, I mean I ..., who knows? I guess we'll see!" The reporter retorts, "You don't worry about peaking too soon?" and she answers, "Well now I am! God!" From 2:04 to 2:22 she gives many nonverbal signals of fear. Some of these are encapsulated below.

 Of particular note is Ms. Lawrence's tightened lips/mouth corners which are pulled down and backwards (mouth of fear). Look at her neck as well - this classic "tenting" of the neck muscles - which is mild-to-moderately displayed here is known as the "neck of fear". Fear is the only emotion which causes this characteristic neck change. It also tends to "bunch up" the tissue beneath the jaw - and gives a temporary "double chin" appearance. Jennifer's eyelids are opened wider than her normal.

This image is slightly later in time than the one above.  In the video you can see her take a small step backwards (2:09). In this still shot, Ms. Lawrence's leaning backwards is highly indicative of fear - although it also can be seen with disgust and contempt. As obvious as it may seem here, this body language goes largely unappreciated in the everyday world.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2315:
Daniel Day-Lewis Wins His 3rd Oscar -
Even the Best Actors will
"Leak" Their True Feelings via Body Language ...
Here via a Microexpression of Fear

Last night Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar for playing Abraham Lincoln in "Lincoln". No other man has done so - but some ladies have. And one was on stage with him. Meryl Streep who won her third Academy Award in 2011 for her role in "The Iron Lady" as the U.K.'s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Katharine Hepburn has won four). When Mr. Day-Lewis made a joke about himself playing Thatcher, he looked down for a moment and simultaneously displayed a nonverbal "Microexpression of Fear". This can clearly be seen at the 0:29 second mark in the above video as he flashes the "Mouth of Fear". 

While microexpressions are not limited to fear, it is one of the most common emotions "leaked" by these very evanescent nonverbal signals - and probably the easiest for most people to spot. 

This is a fantastic demonstration, that no matter whom you are - and while Daniel Day-Lewis is considered by many one of, or perhaps the greatest actor ever - the primal and absolute nature of body language will always betray one's true emotions - which very often are contradictory to the spoken word.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2314:
Naomi Watts Pre-Oscar Interview and her
Body Language of the "Jaw Confessional" and the
Sincerity Quotient

The talented and beautiful Naomi Watts is nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role as Maria Bennett in "The Impossible" (based on the true-life story of María Belón and her family's experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami). 

The above interview contains multiple great body language examples - one in particular is highlighted here - "The Jaw Confessional" is seen at the 0:33 mark. This intriguing nonverbal is comprised of a quick and short-lived lateral (sideways) movement of the jaw and foretells the appearance of rapidly upcoming verbal statements which are considered to be embarrassing by the speaker (a prolonged lateral jaw movement, particularly with a relative lack of speech means something completely different). There are also elements of memories of emotional pain, regret or apology - and exampled here where Ms. Watts (reliving an unpleasant memory) says, "... I had to fight for everything and it took a lot of determination, focus and, um, and you know of course as a result a lot of gratitude ... I really didn't have a 'B plan'. If I had a strong 'B plan' I would not be here today. Um, there was so many times where I was just, you know, la, behind on my rent, and you know, in debt, and it just seemed like it was just too hard to continue to struggle, um, and too hard on, on my heart and it was just over and over again to the point where I just can't take this rejection any more ....". 

Note Naomi also displays the "Hair Adjust Behind the Ear" during this statement (at the 0:51 - 0:52) which is consistent with the actress calling on her inner strength to increase her alpha qualities (dialing up her alpha). Also during the 1:04 - 1:05 segment, she signals strong sincerity with repeated full palmar touches over her heart/left upper chest. These body language signals are highly congruent with the above noted jaw confessional and when clustered together with several other nonverbals seen in this Oscar Luncheon interview, are indicative of a very high "Sincerity Quotient".

Naomi Watts is sincere - are you? Virtually everyone believes they can consistently spot insincerity - can you?

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Jaw Confessional - a quick lateral jaw movement (see video) indicating a "re-living"/recall of emotional pain, regret, embarrassment or an apology

Hair Adjust Behind Ear - dialing up her alpha/assertiveness

Full palm-of-hand (palmar) touch over heart/sternum indicating sincerity


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Body Language Analysis No. 2313: Elisa Lam Video in Elevator at Cecil Hotel - What Her Nonverbal Behavior Tells Us (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The body of Elisa Lam, a 21 year-old Canadian tourist from Vancouver, was recently discovered in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. It was in there for up to 19 days. The video above shows Ms. Lam in an elevator at the hotel. What follows is a body language analysis of this video. A summary appears at the end.

When Ms. Lam initially enters the elevator she is not in fear. Her wide arm swing (left) and relaxed and fluid gate (her walk, see video) indicate she is relaxed and thus not feeling urgency.

After pushing multiple buttons (which she performs in two sessions), Elisa Lam moves to the back left corner of the elevator. Her arms (at her sides) and feet positions are neutral, relaxed and does NOT indicate fear.

Shortly thereafter she looks quickly out the elevator door.

She then retreats to the left wall of the elevator and then moves to the left front corner. Her hands adopt the "Fig Leaf" configuration and her feet are close together. This is consistent with anxiety, a lower confidence, beta emotional tone. This body language does not, by itself, indicate fear.

Here Ms. Lam jumps out of the elevator. It is quick two-step maneuver and has a playful quality to it.

For a second or two, Ms. Lams feet splay wide. While her hands are still in the fig leaf nonverbal (or close to it), this wide stance signifies greater confidence and is not consistent with fear. Thus the simultaneity of these two nonverbal signals convey a level of emotional dissonance.

This is the most important image of the series. For about 16 seconds Ms. Lam displays a "Elbows Out Laterally with Armpit Exposed & Behind the Head Hair Preening Display". This was, at least for some time, performed bilaterally (see below). The movement, as she reaches up to begin this extended preen - was fluid, slow and deliberate - which is very important. This display cluster context is a strong and highly reliable indicator of sexual interest. The person of her interest is either present outside the elevator - or she is actively thinking about this person.

Her we can see both hands & Arms retracting from her extended preening-sexual display as Ms. Lam turns to go back into the elevator.

Ms. Lam steadies herself as she walks back in the elevator. This, coupled with her slow gate suggests either light-headed symptoms, vertigo or a relative emotional extreme (see above).


This elbow forward, bilateral Hair Adjust Behind the Ears, is a nonverbal sign of Ms. Lam "dialing up her alpha". This MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) indicates she is trying to be more assertive or courageous. This is in distinction to the sexual display noted above. Notice her elbows are not pointed out laterally but held closer to her body.

Although the resolution is low, we can see that Ms. Lam is "smiling". Although it may not be a true, sincere smile - it is at least a fair social smile.

Her right hand gestures in an illustrator with a finger tip only touching of her right chest. This hand illustrator suggests a lower sincerity and or a higher level of anxiety in this moment.

A series of fairly dramatic nonverbal illustrators (left) and MAPs (the next image, below) takes place later in the video. This may be part of the body language of a conversation taking place with someone who is out of our view or it may be a sort of a rehearsal for an anticipated upcoming conversation/interaction - or, as many have speculated, is possibly due to narcotics.   Although our view and resolution is limited this does not have the nonverbal signature of fear.

This MAP almost looks as if she is playing a game of charades.

In this image, Ms. Lam's right foot goes up on her toes. She does this several times. This body language pattern indicates a significant level of excitement and optimism. It is also common with joy.

At the very end of this video, Ms. Lam's elbow briefly elevates up and out laterally again in a shorter repeat of the sexual interest preening nonverbal discussed above.

SUMMARY: Ms. Elisa Lam is playing a game of hide and seek (or something similar) in this video. And although at times she displays some anxiety, there is no indication of fear. There is definitely an element of play present here. It is of course also possible that narcotics are influencing her behavior. Of particular importance is she is putting herself on sexual display. While what is seen here may have no connection with her demise - if the events in this video occurred just before her disappearance, it strongly suggests that the person to whom she is attracted may have knowledge of, contributed to, or be responsible for her death.

Media Inquiries and Group Appearances 
One-on-One and Online Courses Available 

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2312:
Bruce Willis' Body Language -
Contempt vs. Suppressed Smile vs.
Pseudo Smile vs. Sincere Smile

In these multiple images of Bruce Willis, there are several nonverbal variations of the actor - including a pseudo smile, contempt, a sincere suppressed smile and and a true/sincere smile. In each of these five examples the wide angle of "John McClane" is pictured first and its cropped close-up of his eyes are below. In the image above (Willis No. 1), Bruce's mouth is asymmetric. With one-sided smiles, several scenarios should spring to mind: contempt, regret, a false smile (aka a fake or pseudo smile), a true but suppressed smile or a sincere smile just as it's beginning to form (or waning). Bruce's right nostril is dilated and his "mustache area" is tightened. 

Look at the close up of his eyes below. For a true smile to be present, the eyelids must be partially closed - which is present here AND there must be a prominent concave-up dynamic (temporary) furrow in the lower eyelid(s). This is not seen below. Thus this body language facial expression is one of contempt.

Willis No. 2: Here, the Die Hard hero's mouth is not asymmetric - however the tilt & turn of his head/neck makes his mouth appear more one-sided. When we don't turn our head directly at the person at who our eyes are looking, it's a nonverbal indicator that they're either not liked (or worse), not trusted or not respected. Willis' eyelids (below) are very similar to the example in Willis No. 1. This smile is false and thus insincere.

Willis No. 3: This example shows Bruce's mouth again asymmetric, but look at his eyes. The action actor's right lower eyelid (close up below) shows a classic concave-up dynamic furrow characteristic of a true, sincere smile. This same configuration of his left lower eyelid is not fully formed. This smile is true and being suppressed or in its early stages of formation - which could be differentiated with a viewing a video or witnessing this moment in real-time.

Willis No. 4: The asymmetric mouth is slight here, and most likely in the midst of speech - which makes body language interpretation of this component difficult with out the dynamics of video. Below you can see the furrows present in his lower lids are superficial and not characteristic of a true felt smile of joy-happiness. Note his forehead though - a true & sincere smile NEVER has a contracted forehead. NEVER. This is a pseudo smile mixed with incredulity.

Willis No. 5: Here Bruce Willis' body language shows a true and sincere smile indicative of joy-happiness. The downward camera angle and a slight laugh enables the view of his lower teeth - which are not present with a full sincere smile. However the lower choppers are present in the context of laughter or when the smile begins to fade. Notice in the image below the deep concave-up dynamic furrows present in his lower eyelids (more prominent on his right).

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2311:
Reporter Robyn Curnow's re: Oscar Pistorius
Her Body Language shows her Bias

CNN Reporter Robyn Curnow shows her bias against the police/South African Government and in favor of Oscar Pistorius in a number of different ways with her body language (as well as verbally and via paralanguage) in the above video. One dramatic example of her emotional leaning is seen with her repeated use of the "Fingers Forward Arms Akimbo". Although it is unilateral (her right arm) and we cannot even visualize her hand in this example - its effect is surely transmitted as Ms. Curnow editorializes at least as much as she reports when she adopts this strong alpha hand-arm configuration. This particular body language is rare for a news reporter. The dominant & highly assertive nonverbal is further amplified when it is displayed bilaterally (but not seen in this example). 

Don't confuse this with the "Thumbs Forward Arms Akimbo" - for its meaning is very different.

How many of these nonverbal signals of Pistorius preference can you spot?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2310:
Oscar Pistorius' Body Language in Court - Part II
Central Forehead Contraction, Frown & Pupil Dilation ....

Oscar Pristorius was in court again on Wednesday 20 February 2013. There were very some interesting body language displays which can be seen in the initial portions of the video above. The South African Olympic hero's central forehead was contracted (with the sides, or lateral portions relaxed). The "Blade Runner's" mouth was consistent with a mild frown. In the absence of physical pain, when these two nonverbals (central forehead contraction with a frown) are displayed together it is highly indicative of emotional pain - either for oneself or for another person, group or animal(s) via empathy (When the central forehead is contracted simultaneous with a smile, even a mild one, and/or unilateral one, beware - for it means something completely different - and not seen here).

Another very interesting finding here is Pristorius' pupils size. They are quite dilated. In the absence of pharmaceuticals and a relatively limited set of medical conditions - particularly when camera lights are on them (light contracts pupils) - this ocular body language signal tells us that his sympathetic nervous system is significantly stimulated. Said another way, his adrenaline is quite elevated.

Oscar's elevated adrenaline is consistent with strong anxiety. Anxiety and emotional pain (either for himself and very possibly his former girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp as well) together do not indicate either guilt or innocence. However this combination of findings does tell us that Mr. Pristorius is extremely remorseful - which works against the prosecution's premise of premeditation.

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Central Forehead Contraction (CFC)
and mild frown

Even in this low resolution image, Oscar Pristorius' right pupil is significantly dilated - indicated elevated adrenaline (increased sympathetic nervous system tone)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nonverbal Communication & Creativity Insight # 2309:
What does IDEO and Those Skilled in
Body Language Have in Common? ....

David Kelley is a both brilliant and wise. IDEO, a company he founded, must be a tremendously fun place to work as well. Kelley deeply understands the value of empathy when it comes to innovating. In the video above, an excerpt from "60 Minutes", he says, "If you want to improve a piece of software, alls you have to do is watch people using it and see when they grimace and then correlate that to where they are in the software and you can figure that - right? And so the thing is then to really build empathy. Try to understand people through observing them."

Empathy is also one of the cornerstones to understanding and honing your nonverbal communication. Quality empathy skills begets quality body language expertise. And practicing and refining one's body language further enhances and prioritizes the fundamentals of Empathy. While empathy is defined and engendered by many variables, nonverbal skills are a huge part of it.

People who have more empathy "live" inside the hearts and minds of others, and thus aren't worried about their own problems as much as the majority of others. They are more energetic, more joyful, more observant, and fantastic integrators of the myriad of issues and scenarios in world around them (e.g. verbal, nonverbal and paralanguage observances). Empathetic people tend to be lovers of animals as well as had/have childhoods wherein there were/are multiple siblings. They also tend to be animal lovers. Empathetic individuals are even skilled at "point of view skills" for nonliving things. People who are skilled in body language also enjoy all these benefits. The two qualities are forever linked.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2308:
Bill Burr on Conan O'Brien -
Body Language of the Abbreviated Shrug

Hilarious video of comedian, Bill Burr on Conan O'Brien's Show. During the 1:06 - 1:09 segment and again at 1:16, he displays the fingers intertwined with thumbs up then pulling apart nonverbal. This body language has several meanings depending on the other nonverbals in its cluster-context. Here, Mr. Burr's hand gesture is a good demonstration of an abbreviated shrug. If you ask most people what part of the body is involved when a shrug is displayed they will say, "the shoulders" - however, a shrug may be shown elsewhere and often the shoulders don't move. In the middle of a comedic rant this body language adds to the drama and laughter (as does his many other gestures and expressions), but many times in a negotiation, deposition, testimony, meeting, etc. the words spoken aloud will very often contradict such an abbreviated shrug. This nonverbal nuance will let you glimpse inside the minds of those sitting on the other side. They may "say all the right things", but you will see the truth.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2307:
Oscar Pistorius in Court, Body Language and the
Bilateral Eye Cover

Hero to many around the World, and double amputee Oscar Pistorius aka "The Blade Runner" was in court this past week in Pretoria, South Africa. He is alleged to have murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. It is reported that he broke down and wept during court and this may be an image during his tears. However bilateral eye covering (and mouth covering) - is not effort to hide tears - it's a nonverbal signal of emotional processing. The emotional brain is playing "catch up" with what the five senses and the intellect is telling it. It's a body language signal of trying to temporarily "block the new reality". It speaks to the cross-cultural universality of nonverbal communication that even those who are born blind will exhibit this facial MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier).

Pistorius' red face and prominent vein seen in his right temporal region ("temple) are consistent with, but not specific for, the temporary increased intrathoracic (pressure in his chest) and thus secondary intracranial pressure (pressure in his head) seen with the physiology of the valsalva maneuver which occurs during crying.

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