Monday, June 17, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2433:
Vladimir Putin & David Cameron Disagree on Syria -
A Body Language Evaluation of Russian Leader

Prior to the 2013 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, David Cameron and Vladimir Putin met at 10 Downing Street on Sunday. On the subject of the Syrian Civil War, the two could hardly be further apart. What follows below is some body language analysis of the Russian President from a portion their press conference (video above) [Note that Mr. Putin is receiving translation so Cameron's words and Vladimir's responses are not linked as closely as if they both were speaking the same language].

During 0:23 - 0:25, Mr. Putin takes a deep two second inhalation followed by a "Bilateral Eyelid Closure" just after  Mr. Cameron says, "...I believe that Assad is responsible for tearing his country apart ..." indicating strong anxiety with emotional blocking.

Putin is trying to control his temper - and he does so outwardly - however internally it escalates and anger signals can be clearly seen (below).

Vladimir clearly displays a "Jaw Jut" at 0:29. A jaw jut in this cluster-context is a nonverbal signal which is highly indicative of anger. This occurs just after Vladimir says, "...and that to end Syria's nightmare he (Bashar al-Assad) has to go."

What other emotion may the body language of a jaw jut indicate?

The former KGB officer displays a Cheek Scratch at 0:31. In this cluster context this MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier) indicates strong anxiety in response to the Prime Minister's statement, "...The new evidence this week of how the regime is gassing its people ..."

At 0:36 Mr. Putin displays an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR) which indicates an attempt of the psyche to control a strong emotion and its outward display. Here Vladimir is trying to suppress his anger.

Of course, there are truckloads of other nonverbals here - what are does Putin display? And Cameron?

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