Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2422:
Amy Adams on Jimmy Kimmel -
Body Language, Flirting and Dating
(Video, Photo)

In the example pictured above, Amy Adams is captured in a body language display that's particularly alluring to both sexes when flirting (Perhaps she'll use this to woo Superman in the upcoming, "Man of Steel"). Index finger (forefinger) pointing towards one's own eye - it has the effect of increasing eye contact of others. Increased eye contact in turn has a strong tendency to engender any romantic emotions and sexual attraction which may be present. Any nonverbal display can be over-done so take care when you're dating to not commit such a faux pas. In addition a strong distinction should be made between an index finger eye point and a scratch or rub (with any finger/thumb) in this same area (What would a near eye scratch/rub indicate?). Another important detail is the angle of Ms. Adams' arm and finger - for if the arm is held too close to the torso, and/or more than one finger makes contact, this MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) takes on an entirely different meaning as well (Do you know what these variations indicate?).

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