Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2425:
Istanbul, Turkey Protests & Police Crack Down
Reporter Gets Too Close to Tear Gas -
Body Language Signal of Sincere Physical Pain
(Video, Photos)

In the video above, reporter Holly Williams broadcasts from Istanbul, Turkey. Earlier in the broadcast she can be seen walking in the midst of Takhim square and very near the tear gas deployment and water cannons the police are using to quell the protesters.

In this low resolution image Ms. Williams can be seen rubbing her eyes. Some may question the sincerity of this nonverbal illustrator. Is it melodrama?...

In this image a few body language-facial expression signs stand out. There is a tear running down Ms. Williams left cheek which can be clearly seen here. This is more striking when viewed in the video above. Notable also is the contraction of her central forehead (CFC) muscles and concomitant upturned inner (medial) eyebrows. A central forehead contraction always accompanies significant physical or emotional pain (unless prevented by Botox - or neurological injury - which are clearly not present here ). If moderate to severe physical pain is being claimed and there is no CFC present - the pain is being feigned.

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