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Body Language Analysis No. 4374: Nancy Pelosi's Clap-Back to Donald Trump during the 2019 SOTU - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Tuesday, 5 February 2019, President Trump gave his second State of The Union Address. As you may have heard, the SOTU was delayed this year by Nancy Pelosi due to Donald Trump's shutdown of a large percentage of the U.S. federal government. And via her body language, Nancy Pelosi very much continued to steal the show.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of a brief but profoundly impactful portion of Pelosi's nonverbal exchange with the President during the 2019 SOTU.

DONALD TRUMP (continuing from 0:09 in the above video): But we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution - and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good.

Throughout much of the SOTU (this image from 0:13), Nancy Pelosi repeatedly looked at her copy of the President's address. In so doing, she was showing to the world her deliberate disrespect toward Trump. Pelosi's lack of eye contact and diminished attention telegraphed her refusal to subordinate herself - and by extension, her refusal to subordinate the American people - to Donald Trump.

During 0:26, as he finishes his sentence and the audience begins to applause, Nancy Pelosi, just prior to standing up, displays a Tight Tongue Jut, indicating:

• Repulsion
• Disgust
• Disdain

Nancy Pelosi's clap is distinctive and important for several reasons (0:28). Note how her hands and fingers are flattened - fully extended (and even mildly hyper-extended - e.g., with her fingers bending a bit outward at their tips). The long axis of the hands are also close to parallel.

Typical enthusiastic and sincere clapping involves hands which meet each other at more of angle (e.g., as are Pence's hands in this same moment) - as well as with hands and fingers that are cupped. Such configurations engender significantly louder noise whilst clapping.

Pelosi's arms are also extended and elevated - and her shoulders are hunched as well. This cluster dynamic prevents the generation of power during clapping (ergo, it's quieter and projects less enthusiasm).

Moreover, the Speaker's torso is leaning away from Trump - thus distancing herself from a person whom she does not like.

Donald Trump Turns - and for two seconds (0:29 - 0:30), Nancy Pelosi locks eyes with the President.

This image captures the full crescendo of the moment (0:30):

• The Speaker's torso remains retracted, leaning away from the President
• Her hands are still extended, in a low-enthusiasm, insincere, clapping-pointing dynamic
• Pelosi's eyebrows and forehead are raised (signifying doubt and condescending emotional tones)
• Nancy's head and chin are tilted down and her head is rotated away from Donald (Thus, not looking directly at him - notice how her eyes are turned modestly to her right while her head rotated to her left. We don't full-body-point/look directly at people who we don't like, don't believe, and/or don't trust.)
• Pelosi's lips are pouting - indicating a sarcastic, "Donny's been a good little boy - let's all clap for him" message.

Less than a second later (still during 0:30), Donald Trump says something to Nancy Pelosi as she looks down and away from the President.

During 0:31, Donald Trump is rotating away - back toward his audience. As he does so, Nancy Pelosi looks at him again. The Speaker of the House has a Disgust-Pseudo Smile expression, while the President has a Disgust-Defiance facial amalgam.

Trump then turns briefly back toward Pelosi (0:34), speaks briefly once again - as we see another Tight Tongue Jut displayed by the Speaker. 

From a body language perspective, it's surprising and ironic that both the Vice President and the Speaker of The House are traditionally placed above and behind the President during the State of the Union Address. Both of these positions temporarily give the two subordinate officers greater alpha status. Many alpha males, in particular, have great difficulty with others standing behind them. It intimidates them and makes them feel vulnerable. Donald Trump has a history of misogyny - and here, with his current chief political rival and the first woman who has ever enforced significant power over him - he finds himself out of his element.

SUMMARY: Donald Trump did not read this moment for what it was - a very public, sarcastic, condescending, and patronizing dissing. After preventing President Trump from delivering his second SOTU address in January - the Speaker of the House threw some major shade in February. Without speaking - even speaking a single word - and armed with her wits and nonverbal skills, Nancy Pelosi's classic Clap-back exacted a body language coup d'├ętat upon Donald Trump.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Body Language Analysis No. 4373: Matthew Whitaker's Press Conference regarding Robert Mueller's Investigation - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Anyone watching this Justice Department press conference on 28 January 2019, would have noticed Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was sweating profusely throughout most of this presser. Although the etiology of such sweating may, of course, sometimes be secondary to an acute infection or other medical conditions, the first thought which will come to most peoples' minds is that Whitaker was experiencing extreme anxiety. They would be correct.

Is the Acting Attorney General of the United States just a little camera shy - or is there another inspiration for his perspiration? What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Matthew Whitaker's response to reporters' questions regarding Robert Mueller's investigation.

At 31:34, Acting AG Whittaker says, "Um, you know, we have, we take very seriously, ahum, lying to Congress (shaking his head side-to-side) and, if there were referrals made, by, by the 'ppropriate [sic] committees, ah, as is ordinary course (shakes head side-to-side), for, for matters like this - then we would (shaking head side-to-side) investigate that, ah, as we would anything else." (switches to shaking his head up-and-down).

On multiple occasions (31:38, 31:44 - 31:45, 31:48 - 31:50) during this response, the acting Attorney General shakes his head, (No) side-to-side. This horizontal head shaking dynamic simultaneous with these declarative statements indicates his cognitive-emotional dissonance. His nonverbal behavior is very much incongruous with his verbal behavior.

Then, upon finishing of this answer, Mr. Whitaker then switches his head dynamic - and momentarily shakes his head up-and-down (31:50 - 31:51) - indicating that at some level (most likely consciously or at the of his edge-of-consciousness), Matthew Whitaker realizes his earlier contradictory body language - thus altering his head shaking motion to the up-and-down affirmative.

Please watch the video several times - as the subtleties of these movements are impossible to capture with still images.

Then, during 31:50, just after he says, "... anything else", Whitaker displays an expression indicating feelings of emotional pain (Note his slightly up-turned inner [medial] eyebrows [an elevated Central Forehead Contraction] and his down-turned mouth corners [especially his left]).

He then (31:52) displays a Loose Tongue Jut (not to be confused with a Tight Tongue Jut or a Wide-Open Tongue Jut), indicating the thought-emotions of:

• I've been bad
• I've been caught
• I've done a stupid thing

Notice also, Whitaker's right eyebrow mildly-moderately elevated, telling us he's in disbelief with his own statement. Whitaker's unilateral eyebrow raising/disbelief pattern we see displayed multiple times throughout this video.

He then turns his head to his left, and, as he prepares to answer another question, Whitaker's eyelids open widely (31:53). While his forehead does not contract, his eyebrows and, particularly his eyelids do elevate. While not fully manifested, this is a classic Deer-in-the-Headlights response. Whitaker, in this moment, is feeling and displaying a heightened level of fear.

Scratching and/or rubbing higher on the forehead is a strong, nonspecific signal of anxiety (34:39). Note Whitaker's eyelids are still opened significantly here.

Immediately after a journalist, prefaces her question with, "Um, before you came into your current role ...", Matthew Whitaker's eyelids open even wider, with his right eye opened to an extreme degree (34:40). Also, notice that his nostrils are flaring. Whitaker is again experiencing a dramatic surge of Fear.

This same journalist continues her question, "... you were publicly very critical of the special counsel's investigation ...", Whitaker scratches above and in front of his left ear (left temple) with his left index finger (34:44).

Scratching or rubbing in front of and above the ear has a high correlation with deception, particularly in this confrontational context.

Although we can't see with absolute confidence (the camera doesn't capture it directly), it certainly appears, that just prior to - and just after this temple scratch/rub, Whitaker placed his left hand in and out of his left front pants pocket. Whitaker does so several other times in this video. This Limb Hiding is very much akin to a what a turtle does when it's frightened. He's in fear - he wants to leave (but can't) so he (partially) escapes into his shell (pants pocket). Placing hand(s) in one's pockets, when on stage is a profound red flag. And, although, in other settings, Whitaker may very well be an alpha male personality - in this scenario, he's a beta trying to disguise himself as alpha.

The journalist continues, asking, "... now since you have received your briefings, is there anything you've seen or read that gives you concern about the special counsel Robert Mueller or his investigation?"

Whitaker answers, "You know I've been fully briefed on the investigation ..."

Acting AG Whitaker then looks away from the journalist, and while looking down and to his left, he rather dramatically raises his right eyebrow (34:51). In this context, this Unilateral Eyebrow Raising indicates either that Matthew Whitaker:

• Cannot believe he was asked that question (highly unlikely)
• or he can't quite believe the Catch-22 situation in which he has placed himself
• or he does indeed have concerns regarding Robert Mueller's investigation
• or he does not believe he has been fully briefed on Mueller's investigation

Matthew Whitaker continues, "... and ah, you know I look forward to, ah, Director Mueller, ahum, delivering the final report ...". During 34:59 - 35:00, (as he says, "delivering the final report"), notice how he, once again, shakes his head side-to-side ("No") as he is making an affirmative statement. His nonverbal behavior very much contradicts what he's saying verbally.

Notice too, that his right eyebrow is, once again, elevated.

Just after Whitaker says, "only with publicly available information" ("... and, I, ah, really am not going to talk about, eh, open and ongoing investigation otherwise, but - you know, sorta the statements that I made as a private citizen - only with publicly available information, ..."), he displays a Microexpression of Regret (35:11). Watch this dynamic several times at full speed, 1/2 speed 1/4 speed, and once again at full speed, concentrating your attention on HIS left mouth corner.

Continuing, Whitaker says, "... ahum, and I, you know I'm, I'm comfortable that, ahum, that the decisions that were made [up-talking] are going to be, ahum, reviewed ..."

Note the uptalking, crescendoing/questioning sounding of the tone with his words, "made", "reviewed", and "have". Up-talking in this context signals low confidence. This is particularly telling given he's a middle-aged male in a senior, national leadership position. Such beta vocal tones are profoundly out of context with the behavior of an acting Attorney General.

During 35:19, as he says, "reviewed", Whitaker also displays a partially suppressed smile along with - once again - a questioning, raised right eyebrow. Smiling out of context, particularly with such a serious matter, indicates, with exceedingly high probability, that Whitaker does not believe what he just said.

You may have also noticed Whitaker's dramatic facial blushing which progressed throughout this presser. Blushing, when accompanying a suppressed smile, along with a declarative statement is highly indicative of deception/ulterior motives.

Whitaker continues (from 34:19), ".... ah, a-, ya know, n-either [sic] through the various means we have - but right now, ya know, the investigation is ah, [inhale] I think, ah - close tal [sic], being completed and I hope that we can the report from Director Mor-r [sic] Mueller as soon we - as possible."

At 35:34, after the last word ("possible") of his sentence and the last word of this press conference - he, once again, displays a second example of a duping delight, duplicitous smile - along with extreme blushing. This behavior cluster screams of ulterior motives.

Throughout his answers, in obvious paralanguage displays of further anxiety, Matthew Whitaker repeatedly stutters, stammers, and mispronounces - including, most noticeably, Mueller's name.

SUMMARY: During his press conference on 28 January 2019, Matthew Whitaker was experiencing profound anxiety. More specifically, he feels tremendous pressure from the cognitive-emotional dissonance he's receiving from the two opposing forces of - and conflicting obligations he feels toward - both Donald Trump and Robert Mueller. During this presser, the Acting U.S. Attorney General also projected regret, fear, emotional pain, disbelief - and most notably, deception.

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