Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2440:
Vladimir Putin Dials Up His Alpha ...
Foot Position, Projecting Leadership,
Confidence & Body Language

Vladimir Putin is shown in the above image with his feet slightly greater than his shoulder-width apart. Although neither a video or the translation is currently available for this moment, we can certainly diagnose his emotions in the moment this photo was taken.

Mr. Putin is rarely feeling a lack of confidence. And this is no exception. He felt particularly alpha & adamant about an issue when he was speaking here. The Russian President is only 1.70 meters (5'7") in height - and some shorter men have an aversion of standing in such a way because it momentarily decreases their height. However standing with your feet about shoulder width apart or slightly closer projects (outwardly to others as well as to one's own psyche) confidence, strength of purpose, leadership, courage and increases the over-all "Alpha Quotient". It even engenders greater fluidity to speech and increases confidence in vocal tone. Those who stand with their feet too close together will experience the opposite. And while it is not advocated for women to stand with their feet separated as widely as men - the same phenomena holds true for both genders - as well as the animal kingdom (women configure their feet about 20- 25% closer in equivalent scenarios). Too often women avoid doing so for fear of looking masculine/not looking feminine. However, women need to take advantage of this nonverbal principle too. 

Very occasionally, if one wants to place a powerful punctuation regarding a particular point - a momentary slightly wider stance of the feet will add alpha. This is exactly what Vladimir is doing here.

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