Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2438: Sincere Surprise Body Language - Three Year Old (Grayson) Receives Brain Stem Implant and Hears for the First Time (Video, Photos)

After a cochlear implant failed to work, three year old Grayson Clamp received an auditory brain stem implant at University of North Carolina. In the video above we witness a miracle of modern medicine as the gift of hearing is given to this sweet child. It is empathy evoking. What follows is a brief analysis of some of his body language.

Like all emotions, surprise is often feigned, but not so here.

When sincere surprise is significant, it is always accompanied by a wide opening of the eyelids (most notable on the upper eyelids) along with a wide vertically elongated opening of the mouth.

Another angle of the same moment of surprise.

Surprise is often accompanied by a covering of the mouth. This signals emotional processing. The emotional brain is trying to "take in" the ramifications of a new and very significant event.

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