Monday, December 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2662: Mike Shanahan Fired - A Man of Many Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Mike Shanahan, the head coach of the Washington Redskins was fired today. In four years at the helm, Shanahan collected a record of 24-40 with just three wins this season.

Today is known in the National Football league as "Black Monday". As the first day after the end of the NFL's regular season it brings casualties every season and this year was no different. Four other coaches lost their jobs as well - the Minnesota Vikings fired coach Leslie Frazier, the Cleveland Browns let go of Rob Chudzinski, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waved goodbye to Greg Schiano and the Detroit Lions canned Jim Schwartz.

In the image above Mike Shanahan can be seen exhibiting several key body language components significant of anger. Note that his lips are thinned-out nearly to the point of disappearing. Shanahan's "Mustache Area" is also significantly tightened. These "Thinned Lips of Anger" are highly specific for anger and are often confused with an "Inward Lip Roll" (aka ILR).

Shanahan's clenched jaw (also highly consistent with anger) is betrayed by the concave-down furrow beneath his lower lip in addition to dimpling of the skin on the front of the coach's chin.

Eye are often partially closed with lower levels of anger (think Clint Eastwood in a Western) - however when the anger is moderate or higher, the eyelids will open wider. Shanahan is quite angry in this photo. What other emotions also have eyes opened "White and Wide"?

Although many beginners will only think of dilated nostrils (or a single nostril) in the context of disgust or contempt, significant anger also will be accompanied by flared nostrils. What are some other emotions with this nasal configuration?

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