Monday, December 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2661: Second Suicide Bombing in Russia in 24 Hours - Body Language of Leaders (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

With the second suicide bombing in less than 24 hours in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia and the Winter Olympics in Sochi just five weeks away, tensions are understandably very high among the Russian people and the Russian leaders. In the video above, which is partially translated, several Russian officials are interviewed and below is a partial body language analysis.

One very important take home point here is that the vast majority of nonverbal signals cross all ethnic and cultural barriers.

Take the time to watch the video as the nuance of these body language displays must be seen in dynamic context in order to be best learned.

At 0:21 this microexpression of regret is displayed by Olga Golodets (Deputy Prime Minister of Cultural Affairs) - primarily displayed on the right side of her mouth (do not mistake this expression with contempt - for although she may have contempt - in this very moment she feels regret, see below for contrast).

With what other body language is also being displayed here?

About a second later (0:22) Ms. Golodets displays regret once more - this time her display is more symmetrical (left is roughly equal to right). Regret may be both unilaterally or bilaterally manifested.

Later in the video at 0:50, Vladimir Markin (Investigative Committee Spokesman) displays a clear yet very brief expression of contempt. This fleeting signal is thus also a microexpression.

The Chechen separatists, particularly the followers of Doku Umarov who encouraging his co-believers "to their utmost to derail" the Olympics are the primary group suspected in these terrorists activities.

My deep condolences to the Russian people, especially to the families and loved-ones of those killed and wounded. 

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