Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2628: Tom Daley (British Diver) Comes Out On YouTube ... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday British Diver (Olympic Medalist and World Champion) and television personality Tom Daley posted a YouTube video clarifying his sexual orientation. At 3:05, Tom Daley says, "... of course I still fancy girls, but, I mean [exhale] right now I'm dating a guy and - I couldn't be happier ..."

Earlier in the video, at 1:04 Daley begins, "... It's one of those things, that well in an ideal World I wouldn't be doing this video ah, because it shouldn't matter. Um, but recently I was misquoted in an interview ..."

At the 1:12 mark just after he says, "it shouldn't matter" (e.g., why should it matter who anyone dates?) and as says "... Um, b...", he displays a fantastic example of a microexpression of disgust.

Who he dates is his prerogative. Daley is clearly disgusted that he feels he has to explain his sexual orientation to the world.

In the first milliseconds of the microexpression of disgust, the corners of the mouth can be seen vectored downward with nasal flaring (dilation). There is also a tightening of the mustache area.

Daley's lower lip is also protruding with a coexisting raising of his upper lip. Both findings are characteristic of the nonverbal of disgust.

A few milliseconds later this second image begins to become less pronounced.

Note that in all three of these images, Tom Daley's upper eyelids are partially closed. In this context, this acts as a "Disgust Amplifier".

As the disgust microexpression dissipates, tightness of the mustache area can still be seen with a trace nostril flare residual

As this moment is not an extreme manifestation of disgust, what components of this body language-facial expression are not displayed in this example?

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