Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2647: Vladimir Putin regarding Edward Snowden, What Does the Russian Leader Think? (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Two days ago Vladimir Putin gave his annual press conference. This year's marathon session lasted about four hours. While the Russian President covered many topics - a small portion dealing with Edward Snowden is discussed here. Below is a partial body language analysis.

The words highlighted in red and purple are coincident with his nonverbal displays as they are timed with the interpreter's words, which are of course are slightly delayed from Mr. Putin's.

(mild) fear at 1:01 (mouth and neck)
"... We act under the assumption that in Russia, he will not continue any anti-American propaganda ...."

Putin fears that some of Snowden's future NSA disclosures will make trouble for him and Russia.

Below Vladimir looks first rapidly up to his left (1:22), then straight left (1:23) during the following translator's sentence:

"... In operational terms, we have never worked [up to his left, see first image immediately below] with him [straight to his left, see second image below] and we are not doing this now ..."


Although not 100% reliable, once a person has been normed for this gaze-directional patterns, a high percentage of right-handed people (Putin is right hand dominant), look up to their left when they are visually recalling a memory.

Image at 1:23

A gaze directional straight to the left (with no significant up or down component) is highly consistent with auditory recall in most right-handed people.

The previous two images, in context with his words, strongly suggests that either Putin himself has met with and is recalling conversations with Edward Snowden - or Vladimir is recalling watching/listening to videos of others interviewing him.

Contempt at 1:26 (Microexpression)

"... We are not asking him any questions about what and how was done in relation to Russia ..."

Mr. Putin clearly feels contempt for those that imply Russia is interrogating Edward Snowden. 

 1:47- 1:48 Regret Display

"... He ah, decided to live in our country due to certain circumstances ...a lot has "

This strongly implies that Mr. Putin feels that giving Snowden amnesty was more trouble than benefit. He regrets letting him into Russia.

1:49 The Puffer Fish

"... A lot has been already done about this ..."

The puffer fish nonverbal display is strongly consistent with anxiety and is more correlative with a past event - although it can be seen with one anticipated in the near future.

This body language tends to have a calming effect as it lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

A "Behind the Ear Scratch" (on the mastoid process) as Mr. Putin's interpreter say's "... But it is now up to him to determine his future. We're not going to help him or prevent him, we're just provided him the shelter   ..." shows us Vladimir's significantly heightened anxiety regarding Russia's harboring of Edward Snowden.

 1:52 - 1:56

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