Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2649: How a Kiss can Change the World - Body Language of Affection (PHOTO)

Photo Credit Marco Bertorello

This is an incredible photo examples an incredible scenario of human emotion and the body language which accompanies it. The woman is protesting a high-speed train line in Susa, Italy. She is lifting the face-shield of a police officer to kiss him as a peace offering. Note that both of their eyes are closed. At moments of high affection (such as a kiss) and other affectionate, close head-touching scenarios (e.g. sincere hugs), the eyes will close. The emotional brain wants to drink in" and experience every little bit of the emotion of the moment - and such emotion is heightened by eyelid closure. Forty percent of the mass of the brain is visual. Ninety percent of all sensory input is also visual. Thus when the eyelids are closed there is a transient and subtle blood flow and neurochemical downshift in the visual portions of the central nervous system, while the other senses (taste, touch, smell and hearing) grow temporarily more sensitive - and the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain will also up-regulate. This is natural when tasting a chocolate desert, or often when a singer performs, during intense concentration, at the height of sexual orgasm, etc.

Perhaps the police officer and the woman knew each other prior to the protest. Perhaps not. We do not know his specific orders either. While this would seem to be contrary to law enforcement protocol, it seems she has, by her affectionate display, changed his World-view.

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