Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2633: Abigail Hernandez, Missing N.H. 15 year old, Body Language Clues (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This low resolution image is the last known one of Abigail Hernandez. It was taken on 9 October 2013 at Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire - the day she disappeared. It is presumably from a school video monitor. 

Recently it was revealed that a letter from the 15 year old sent after her disappearance had been authenticated. It was postmarked on 23 October and received on 6 November.

Despite its poor clarity, some important body language clues can be gleaned this image. Abigail has the sleeve of her left arm pulled over her left hand. This is a significant signal of anxiety and strongly suggestive of an emotional-tone of protection (think of a turtle going in its shell).

Any temperature-related comfort is not a factor here - otherwise Abigail's right sweater cuff would not be at her elbow.

It would be immensely valuable to see the original video from which this photo was taken to see if the position of her left hand maintained a partial (unilateral) fig-leaf that is implied in this still photo (palm-in, covering the lower abdomen and privates). If that were the case, it would strongly suggest a beta, demure, low comfort and protective mindset - and perhaps also that of fear.

Who was she interacting at the moment immediately prior to this?

This photo strongly suggests that Abigail had significant anxiety, a protective mindset, and possibly fear - before she left school on 9 October 2013 (Implying she already knew her captor - or at least had at least one recent encounter with him/her). An explanation for this should be thoroughly explored.

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