Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2660: Chris Weidman after Anderson Silva UFC 168 Fight - Body Language "Duping Delight" Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva yesterday in Las Vegas on a TKO in the second round of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC 168) upon Silva breaking his left tibia and fibula (both of the bones comprising lower leg). In this back stage interview of Weidman after the fight (above video), we see the middleweight UFC World Champion exampling the nonverbal known as "duping delight" (Ekman).

This image was captured at 0:20

Megan Olivi asks, "...After you realized what had happened, what went through your mind?"

Weidman answers, "I knew he was, I, well obviously I knew when I checked the kick he was - I saw something not look good and he went down in pain - and ah, ..."

His suppressed smile (as he says "...not look good...")tells us that he is being deceptive here. Of course, it was very good - but for Weidman. They both were there to hurt their opponent and inflict bodily damage and pain.

Weidman continues, "... so I was just makin' sure he was alright and I felt bad for him. You know I don't like to see someone's leg get broken."

This very brief nonverbal display seen at 0:25 when he says, "...bad..." is a clear example of a microexpression of duping delight.

It should not surprise too many people that a UFC fighter would be lying in such a scenario. The take home point however, is that in the many daily situations when the verbal message contradicts or is not congruent with the nonverbal message - it is the nonverbal which indicates the person's true thoughts-feelings. Knowing how to recognize these disparities in all their nuance is a skill for which there is no parallel.

It is also very important to note that there were NO signals of empathy displayed by Weidman. If this fight had not occurred in the octagon - but in the street (as many similar ones do on a daily basis) - we would say "He displays no nonverbal signs of remorse".

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An instant after Silva's leg breaks