Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2645: Justin Timberlake Helps Fan Propose During Concert (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last Saturday night during a concert in Louisville, Kentucky, Justin Timberlake went way out of his way to make an extra-special night for Josh Clemons and his girlfriend, Kim Martin. Months before Josh had contacted Timberlake's manager to see if he could perhaps dedicate a particular song ("That Girl") so he could have a grand marriage proposal. Timberlake decided to do much more and arranged to invite the couple up on stage and gave them the limelight (see video above).

In this image captured from the above video, Ms. Martin covers her mouth suddenly with here free, left hand (a few moments later she repeats this with her right hand). This body language is seen during moments of significant emotional processing. Said another way, the rational/logical brain knows what is happening - yet the emotional brain is trying to catch up and digest the emotional significance of the moment and event.

This gesture is not uncommon - and it is seen during both positive and negative emotional states; however the people who display this nonverbal signal at such times have higher overall "empathy quotients". In addition this particular MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) is, in the moment, a reliable indicator of sincerity. Do you know any other signals of high (or low) empathy?

In this second edited version of the same event, a brief interview with Clemons and Martin is included. At the very end of this video (and captured in the image to the left) there is a beautiful example of both couples exhibiting the same nonverbal display - an asymmetrical and suppressed, sincere mouth smile. Many times an asymmetrical smile is indicative of either an insincere smile or can be confused with contempt. In addition, during the initial stages of a sincere smile with a slower onset, most people tend to begin the smile on one side before the other side joins in.  This configuration can also be seen as a sincere smile wanes away. Do you know how to differentiate all of these mouth asymmetries?

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