Friday, December 20, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2646: Does Barack Obama Want to Go to the Sochi (Russia) Winter Olympics? What His Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This video gives us a great example in the evaluation of a nonverbal cluster - that is, several body language signs occurring simultaneously or in close temporal proximity. A cluster is truly a nonverbal sentence".

It begins with President Barack Obama saying, "Ahhh ya know me attending Olympics particularly at a time when we got all the other stuff that people been talking about is going to be tough, although I would love to do it [hard, dry swallow]. I'll be going to a lot of Olympic Games post-Presidency ... um ..."

During 0:07

An extended blink (a form of gaze aversion) along with a partially suppressed smile - aka Duping Delight (Ekman) begins a body language cluster which tells us what Mr. Obama really feels about going to Sochi, Russia for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

During 0:09 - 0:10

Here the President makes a "Hard Swallow (and Dry)" as he looks down - away from his audience (more gaze aversion). Both nonverbal changes are very common in the midst of deception.

During 0:11 - 0:12

The index finger (aka forefinger) point (disguised here as a bit o' "awe shucks" swagger) is a major nonverbal faux pas - and one President Obama rarely commits. One thing this tells us is that he was (for a few seconds) off his game with respect to his body language. This temporary disinhibition was due to anxiety brought about by his previous lie. He very probably will be going to many Olympics in the future - however he has no desire to be back in Russia and in the company of Vladimir Putin. Note his suppressed smile/duping delight has re-appeared.

It is also an interesting statement analysis observation that Mr. Obama uses poorer (extemporaneous) word selection during these few seconds (we all do when we lie). Grammar, syntax and word choices all grow worse during deception.

In summary, the President was fibbing when he said he would love to go to the Sochi Olympics.

What else did you notice in President Obama's last press conference of 2013?

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