Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2641: John McCain with Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine - You Feel Safe There? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Senator John McCain is currently in Kiev, Ukraine. He is speaking directly to the protesters - whom for a month have been very vocal and in large numbers objecting to their President's (Viktor Yanukovych) desire and intent to strengthen socioeconomic ties to Russia as opposed aligning with the European Union.   

McCain appeared this morning on "Face the Nation" where somewhat off-handling he was asked by Bob Schieffer (beginning at 2:19), "... Ah, We have seen scenes all week, some of these look like the scenes from the movie 'Les Misérables', ah, out there in the streets of Kiev, ah, I know you think you're bullet proof, but do you feel safe there Senator?"

McCain replies, "Ahhh I always feel safe Bob, I, I, I've told you in the past, I know I'm going to die but it's only going to be in bed."

At 2:34 as he says, "... always ..." and again at 2:35 - 2:36 as he says "... I, I, I've..." he shrugs - primarily with his left shoulder.

A shrug is an example of what is known in body language parlance as an "Emblem". An emblem has an excepted and specific meaning within a city, country, region or cultural group. Some emblems are universal or nearly so. A shrug is just such an emblem (here a partial emblem since it is mostly with his left shoulder). It is a nonverbal indicator of: "I don't know", "I don't care" or "What Does it Matter?".

In the context of a declarative statement - here, "... Ahhh I always feel safe Bob ..." this shrug strongly suggests doubt McCain has in his own words. That is, Senator McCain does not feel safe in the midst of the Kiev Protests. Note also when he shrugs in greater amplitude as he says, "... I, I, I've..." he is stuttering - which when particularly clustered with a unilateral shrug, is also strongly highly suggestive of doubt, deception and/or self-deception.

Mr. McCain's suffers from the residual effects of a peripheral Cranial Nerve VII palsy (probably Bell's palsy) on his left. This makes his facial asymmetry difficult to interpret. Shrugs can have a number of components - several on the face, the hands - and even the legs and feet.

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