Friday, June 1, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1855:
Sincere Kisses & Closed Eyes

In this image Gunner's Mate, Steven Joyce kisses the hand of his wife (Damara) just prior to his ship, the USS Carr, is deployed to the Persian Gulf. During hugs and kissing, if there is true and focused affection present, the eyes naturally close. Both Steve and Damara are displaying strong body language of sincerity with their eyes closed. Ninety percent of our sensory input is visual - and forty percent of the mass of the human brain is dedicated to vision. When we close our eyes, we don't need as much blood, oxygen, neural processing, etc. - to the visual portions of our brains - and thus we can dedicate a bit more of these limited resources to the other four senses (taste, smell, touch and hearing) as well as the cognitive and the emotional centers of our brains. It's as if were trying to temporarily amplify the emotions and squeeze every bit of feeling from these special moments. When we (naturally) close our eyes - we can drink in more emotion.

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