Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2502:
A Body Language Sign of True Love & Affection -
A Father Reunited with Young Son Who He Believed died in
Syria Poison Gas Attack (VIDEO, PHOTO)

In the chemical weapon/poison gas attack in Damascus, Syria last week as many as 1400 people were killed. Many of them are children. One father was very blessed as he found out the son, who he believed to had died, was in fact alive. The video above shows their emotional reunion. The moment captured in the photo below shows a particularly special nonverbal of the father kissing his son on the lateral portion of his child's right eye. In this obvious moment of overwhelming joy - few would question his affection. Indeed kissing another person's eye (closed lid) or immediately adjacent to it - particularly the temple or just above the eye on the forehead or eyebrow is a sign of true affection and love. It signals a high sincerity quotient.

In moments of less dramatic extremes we have all seen and most have been the recipient of such a sincere body language display. Although not the case in this example, within the context of romantic relationship this premise still holds - an eyelid or near-eye kiss is a very accurate barometer that deep and true love has begun. And the disappearance of this affectionate nonverbal signal is a signal of waning love.

There are multiple other signals of sincerity here. How many do you see?

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