Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2305:
Carnival Cruise Line CEO, Gerry Cahill's Apology
Sincere or Insincere?
What his Body Language Says ...

Carnival Cruise Line's President & CEO, Gerry Cahill gave an apology Thursday 14 February for the much publicized engine room fire and subsequent crippling of their ship, Triumph, had on its recent voyage. His apology is very sincere - as are his many "Thank yous". Specifically his verbal, nonverbal communication and paralanguage are all highly congruent - indicating a high sincerity quotient.

While it is not entirely clear if he's on an (elevated) podium, it does not appear so (note parking lot at same level in background). Thus his near constant looking down during this apology indicates Mr. Cahill is not looking directly at his audience and that he feels shame. It's difficult to look people in the eye during moments of apology - when we feel we have not held up our end of the bargain. Although there are other meanings (based on the nonverbal cluster-context) constant downward gaze can also suggest low confidence, sadness or deception (There are no signals of deception here though). Eye contact from 40% to 70 % is normal for healthy conversations - and when it's closer to the 70% end of this spectrum, eye contact helps to build rapport - which is certainly needed in this situation.

At 0:02 mark, Mr. Cahill displays a rapid elevation of both eyebrows with a simultaneous forehead contraction. What does this body language-facial expression indicate?

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