Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 4949:
Colin Kaepernick's Body Language of
Clandestine Disagreement at Press Conference

In a press conference last Sunday, Colin Kaeperneck displayed a great example of some subtle body language. Although there are other nonverbals captured in the above image (e.g. mild anger), the San Francisco Quarterback sensation is showcasing an excellent example of a subtle lip purse. When a person's mouth opening morphs into a lip purse, they are nearly always voicing very little to no disagreement - yet if you can spot this key nonverbal, you'll know that their true differences are sizable. Moreover, betas never make this expression - only alphas or those who believe they are alphas relative to with whomever they are speaking or interacting (they of course may be betas in a different group). You can be sure they have a plan they're not sharing with you, and they believe they have the power, the resources and the intention to execute it.

In this moment, Kaepernick doesn't like what he's hearing. His body language is screaming clandestine disagreement. If you see this during a sale, in a negotiation, the boardroom, the courtroom, in depositions, or voir dire - you better have a strong plan B. Your adversary is about to attack your flank.

Don't bet against Colin Kaepernick.

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