Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2310:
Oscar Pistorius' Body Language in Court - Part II
Central Forehead Contraction, Frown & Pupil Dilation ....

Oscar Pristorius was in court again on Wednesday 20 February 2013. There were very some interesting body language displays which can be seen in the initial portions of the video above. The South African Olympic hero's central forehead was contracted (with the sides, or lateral portions relaxed). The "Blade Runner's" mouth was consistent with a mild frown. In the absence of physical pain, when these two nonverbals (central forehead contraction with a frown) are displayed together it is highly indicative of emotional pain - either for oneself or for another person, group or animal(s) via empathy (When the central forehead is contracted simultaneous with a smile, even a mild one, and/or unilateral one, beware - for it means something completely different - and not seen here).

Another very interesting finding here is Pristorius' pupils size. They are quite dilated. In the absence of pharmaceuticals and a relatively limited set of medical conditions - particularly when camera lights are on them (light contracts pupils) - this ocular body language signal tells us that his sympathetic nervous system is significantly stimulated. Said another way, his adrenaline is quite elevated.

Oscar's elevated adrenaline is consistent with strong anxiety. Anxiety and emotional pain (either for himself and very possibly his former girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp as well) together do not indicate either guilt or innocence. However this combination of findings does tell us that Mr. Pristorius is extremely remorseful - which works against the prosecution's premise of premeditation.

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Central Forehead Contraction (CFC)
and mild frown

Even in this low resolution image, Oscar Pristorius' right pupil is significantly dilated - indicated elevated adrenaline (increased sympathetic nervous system tone)