Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2306:
George W. Bush trapped in Room -
Body Language's Microexpression of Fear

Back on 20 November 2005, George W. Bush was visiting China. The video above shows the very end of a speech he gave in Beijing. At the 0:22 mark, the President tried to exit through locked doors and displayed a microexpression of fear, which is captured in the image below. 

The angle of the camera makes his expression appear more asymmetrical than it is, however Mr. Bush's mouth is highly characteristic of fear with its corners pulled backwards and down. His inner (medial) eyebrows also contract upwards at this same instant - indicative the emotional pain of being trapped. There is also a very evanescent flaring of George's nostrils. His eyelids also open wider - although this change is not pronounced.

Although most who watch this video will laugh - the vast majority of us would make an identical nonverbal display if we were placed in the same scenario - and not even be aware we made this expression. Such is the nature of emotion and most peoples' awareness of their own body language.

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