Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2318:
John Boehner at Rosa Parks Statue Unveiling
A Body Language Signal of Squelching Tears

Today in the U.S. Capitol Building's Statuary Hall, John Boehner spoke at the unveiling of the statue of Rosa Parks. A portion of his speech is shown in the above video. At several times the Speaker of the House grew emotional. At multiple times the Congressman Ohio also displayed a classic nonverbal which often is seen prior to tearful episodes - the "Lateral Lip Displacement" (one of which is captured in the image below). This characteristic body language-facial expression is a signal of an effort to squelch the emotional display. The lips, most commonly the lower lip, will contract to one side (here Mr. Boehner's left) and protrude. This can also be seen with a "wrinkling" of the front side of the chin.

This Lateral Lip Displacement (with or without protrusion) may occur without tears, a reddened face (not blushing), facial or head touching (manipulators, adaptors, or pacifiers) or other more obvious signals associated with revealed. When the tempering down of emotions is successful, and tears do not fall, many will be left wondering what the expressions they just saw had meant.

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