Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2303:
Karen & Jim Reynolds Interview -
Rogue Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner's Last Hostages
Microexpression of Fear - but it's not what you think ....


Karen & Jim Reynolds were captured and tied up by fugitive and rogue ex-cop, Christopher Dorner. In this short segment of their interview released today, the California couple and owners of the Mountain Vista Resort in Big Bear Lake, had mostly good things to say about Dorner. 

At the 1:46 mark in the video, Mrs. Reynolds said, "I didn't wish him dead though at any point, I really didn't [deep breath] I [microexpression of fear] prayed for him a lot and - and I'm praying for his family now." Just before she says, "...prayed...", her inner (medial) eyebrows shoot upwards, her eyelids undergo an extended blink, the corners of her mouth pull backwards and slightly down and most noticeably - the muscles of her neck contract (the platysma) as it "tents up" the skin of her neck for less than a second. This is a great example of a "microexpression". Here this extremely evanescent facial nonverbal is expressing fear - however a microexpression may the demonstrate body language of multiple other emotional states as well

It is notable that Mrs. Reynolds is not expressing a recall of any fear of Dorner, rather she is socially-fearful about openly expressing the fact she prayed for a man who is alleged to have committed multiple murders.

The image below is a low resolution capture of this moment of Mrs. Reynold's microexpression of fear. Pay particular attention to her neck - for this "neck of fear" is an extremely reliable and accurate expression of fear. No other emotion creates this appearance in the neck.

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