Friday, February 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2312:
Bruce Willis' Body Language -
Contempt vs. Suppressed Smile vs.
Pseudo Smile vs. Sincere Smile

In these multiple images of Bruce Willis, there are several nonverbal variations of the actor - including a pseudo smile, contempt, a sincere suppressed smile and and a true/sincere smile. In each of these five examples the wide angle of "John McClane" is pictured first and its cropped close-up of his eyes are below. In the image above (Willis No. 1), Bruce's mouth is asymmetric. With one-sided smiles, several scenarios should spring to mind: contempt, regret, a false smile (aka a fake or pseudo smile), a true but suppressed smile or a sincere smile just as it's beginning to form (or waning). Bruce's right nostril is dilated and his "mustache area" is tightened. 

Look at the close up of his eyes below. For a true smile to be present, the eyelids must be partially closed - which is present here AND there must be a prominent concave-up dynamic (temporary) furrow in the lower eyelid(s). This is not seen below. Thus this body language facial expression is one of contempt.

Willis No. 2: Here, the Die Hard hero's mouth is not asymmetric - however the tilt & turn of his head/neck makes his mouth appear more one-sided. When we don't turn our head directly at the person at who our eyes are looking, it's a nonverbal indicator that they're either not liked (or worse), not trusted or not respected. Willis' eyelids (below) are very similar to the example in Willis No. 1. This smile is false and thus insincere.

Willis No. 3: This example shows Bruce's mouth again asymmetric, but look at his eyes. The action actor's right lower eyelid (close up below) shows a classic concave-up dynamic furrow characteristic of a true, sincere smile. This same configuration of his left lower eyelid is not fully formed. This smile is true and being suppressed or in its early stages of formation - which could be differentiated with a viewing a video or witnessing this moment in real-time.

Willis No. 4: The asymmetric mouth is slight here, and most likely in the midst of speech - which makes body language interpretation of this component difficult with out the dynamics of video. Below you can see the furrows present in his lower lids are superficial and not characteristic of a true felt smile of joy-happiness. Note his forehead though - a true & sincere smile NEVER has a contracted forehead. NEVER. This is a pseudo smile mixed with incredulity.

Willis No. 5: Here Bruce Willis' body language shows a true and sincere smile indicative of joy-happiness. The downward camera angle and a slight laugh enables the view of his lower teeth - which are not present with a full sincere smile. However the lower choppers are present in the context of laughter or when the smile begins to fade. Notice in the image below the deep concave-up dynamic furrows present in his lower eyelids (more prominent on his right).

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