Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2302:
Why Taller Women with Shorter Men Rarely Works Out -
Body Language of Height Disparity

When romance is "in the air", there are many factors which contribute to attraction. Anthropologist Boguslaw Pawlowski, Ph.D. has studied this phenomenon and when it comes to height, he's determined that there is a "magic ratio". This attraction ratio is 1 to 1.09 (female to male). Said another way, when the man is 9% taller than his female partner (or the woman is 91.7% of the man's height) attraction is optimal.

Moreover and more importantly, the longevity of relationships is influenced by this ratio. Statistically, marriages, partnerships and even dating endure longer the closer the couple resembles this height ratio. Certainly we can all think of exceptions to this nonverbal tendency - however it's some interesting body language to think about this Valentine's Day.

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