Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2311:
Reporter Robyn Curnow's re: Oscar Pistorius
Her Body Language shows her Bias

CNN Reporter Robyn Curnow shows her bias against the police/South African Government and in favor of Oscar Pistorius in a number of different ways with her body language (as well as verbally and via paralanguage) in the above video. One dramatic example of her emotional leaning is seen with her repeated use of the "Fingers Forward Arms Akimbo". Although it is unilateral (her right arm) and we cannot even visualize her hand in this example - its effect is surely transmitted as Ms. Curnow editorializes at least as much as she reports when she adopts this strong alpha hand-arm configuration. This particular body language is rare for a news reporter. The dominant & highly assertive nonverbal is further amplified when it is displayed bilaterally (but not seen in this example). 

Don't confuse this with the "Thumbs Forward Arms Akimbo" - for its meaning is very different.

How many of these nonverbal signals of Pistorius preference can you spot?

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