Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2294:
Girl's Comments & Gesture Gets her Increased Punishment -
Multiple Body Language Tells in Florida Courtroom

In the above video there a several great body language signs. Some of them are captured and discussed in the images below.

Clearly Flirtatious Verbals, tone of voice, cadence, pitch, etc.  (Paralanguage) and Nonverbals. An over the raised-shoulder backwards glance with flirtatious smile is a classic body language exuding sexuality. 

Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat and many in the news media misread this as sarcastic. While flirting with the judge is certainly disrespectful - it isn't sarcasm.

Clearly embarrassed with full & bilateral palmar contact to both cheeks, Ms. Soto is returning after the Judge Rodriguez-Chomat called her back. She believes at this point that her flirtatious behavior will soften her punishment.

Although it is a lower resolution image, clear blushing can be seen here. Her left arm crosses over her abdomen in a lower-confidence signal.

Ms. Soto is still blushing and her hands have drawn together and are about to cover her mouth displaying additional embarrassment. Her embarrassment-blushing can still be seen.

This is sincere surprise with overlying shock. Her expression lasts for longer than is natural for surprise. When surprise lasts longer than 1-2 seconds, there is either a component (or entirely) of insincerity (very common) or a component of shock is accompanying it - which is what is seen here.

Arms crossed and eyes in extended blink are signaling clear defensiveness.

Just after this there is a variation of the self-righteous head wiggle (SRHW) seen in the above video from 0:53 - 0:55. This variety is learned and is truly an emblem in some sub-cultures. It is much more common in women and gay men.  Once learned, thereafter it occurs at the level of edge of consciousness or the subconscious. The more common type of SRHW is unconscious and occurs equally in both sexes. See below for cross-references.

Here Ms. Soto displays a bilateral hair just - here a form of Manipulator-Adaptor-Pacifier aka MAP. MAPs in general are signals of anxiety. This particular Body Language cluster (note raised eyebrows and contracted forehead as well) is a visual metaphor for "I surrender" and is commonly seen after a defeat on the sports field, on the battlefield or in law enforcement confrontation scenarios.

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