Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2480:
Alex Rodriguez's Press Conference - 2 August 2013,
A-Rod's Body Language Part Deux (Video, Photos)

Just after saying (beginning at 0:43),
"I feel good, I feel good. It's probably the best I've felt since we've started this process. Ummm ... I feel like I'm there. I'm ready to go. [Inaudible] 100 percent." Then during 0:54 - 0:56 Rodriguez displays a "Forward Lip Purse". This variety of lip purse connotes a clandestine disagreement. It signals a disparity between what is said and what is felt. Usually this disparity is large. The lip purse is made by a person who, at least in that specific context - feels he (or she) has an advantage. And that they have the resources (power, finances, plan, etc.) to pull off their version of the future.

This straight-on view of the forward lip purse was captured a fraction of a second after that above. These are both fairly dramatic examples. Most lip pursing is considerably more subtle and is seen every day in the board room, on the sales floor, in the court room and in virtually every negotiation. It allows you to see inside the mind of others and, along with a nuanced knowledge of other nonverbal signals, gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

At 0:54 a journalist asks, "Alex are you confident that you're going to be in Chicago on Monday?" A-Rod then answers, "Ya, ya, unless I get hit by lightning and these days you never know" - he displays a "Lizard Tongue". Also known as a "Tongue Jut" in this body language cluster-context it is consistent with the emotion of "I've been a bad boy", "I've just been caught", "I've got away with something" or "I've done something foolish".

At 1:04, Rodriguez is asked, "Alex, are you prepared to fight Bud Selig on any suspensions he may hand down [inaudible] challenge you?" [Regarding Major League Baseball's investigation and subsequent penalization for performance enhancing drug (PED) usage]. A-Rod says, "You know I, I can't comment on that right now. It's still an ongoing investigation. And ah, I will follow with due process." At 1:15, just after he says "...investigation..." he very briefly exhibits a "Jaw Jut". This nonverbal signal with its accompanying upper lip and mustache area tension and evanescent over-exposure of the lower teeth is highly significant for anger.

If you see a jaw jut, step away and look quickly to their hands. If a person's hands are configured in a fist along with a jaw jut - there is a high likelihood that violence will ensue. Take immediate measures to fight or flee.

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