Monday, August 19, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2494:
Prince William Interview on Fatherhood and Baby George
Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Prince William is interviewed in the above video regarding fatherhood and baby George. The following are but a small fraction of the body language signals he displayed. Keep in mind that the Prince is RIGHT-hand dominant.

This image was captured at 2:10 and shows the Prince as he says, "...and I don't like fuss ...". A clear expression of contempt is captured here which is a bit longer in duration than a microexpression.

In addition at this moment, note the Prince is looking down to his right. During moments of deep emotion (as well as kinesthetically driven thoughts), it is very common for the vast majority of RIGHT-handed people to look to this quadrant. 

During this moment of remembering Prince Harry and himself as children, Prince William is displaying a common eye movement finding of Auditory Recall for 90% or more of LEFT-hand dominant people - looking directly lateral to the right
(at 2:53 - 2:54). The opposite is true for those who are RIGHT-handed. We would expect William to thus look directly to HIS LEFT if he's recalling a sound/voice of the past since he is RIGHT-handed - yet he is not.

A short moment later (2:55), the Prince looks up to his right - which is the quadrant the vast majority of LEFT-handers look to during moments of Visual Recall. Yet William is looking to this quadrant despite being RIGHT-handed.

Care must be taken when interpreting eye movements and their nonverbal meanings. Such body language typically occurs very briefly and in rapid succession with other eye movements. It is also not 100% accurate - however it's reliability is dramatically improved upon once a person has been carefully "normed" for baseline behavior. These eye movement findings should be used in conjunction with other nonverbals to increase their reliability. In two of the three examples sited above, William is looking in the mirror-image opposite direction than what would be expected for a RIGHT-handed person. One possible reason for this observation is that William is one of those (in the minority) who does not fit the typical and expected pattern of eye-movement seen in most people. What is another possible conclusion for these nonverbal observations?

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