Monday, August 26, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2501:
Bashar al-Assad, Chemical Weapons and a
Body Language Signal of a Sociopath (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Few would disagree with the diagnosis of sociopath when it comes to Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. It is alleged that under his instruction on 21 August 2013, the Syrian armed forces used chemical weapons on their own people in the Ghouta region of Damascus. Regardless of the perpetrator(s) these war crimes lead to the deaths of as many as 1400 people, many of them children.

In the Image above, al-Assad and his wife, Asma, are shown. A higher magnification, lower resolution view is below.

This particular photo shows a great example of an expression, which if seen chronically, loudly signals the presence of a sociopath. Note his central forehead is contracted while his peripheral forehead is relaxed. Simultaneously he is displaying a modest "mouth smile".

Al-Assad's smile is not sincere however. Any smile which is accompanied by a contracted forehead of any type or degree is ALWAYS INSINCERE. However the majority of smiles made by most people are not sincere. This variation however - with only the CENTRAL portion contracted - is a particular red flag.

The central forehead is contracted (CFC) whenever there is significant physical pain or emotional pain - whether experienced directly or secondarily for another via empathy. However in such emotional settings the mouth should ALWAYS be accompanied by a mouth expression of pain, fear or sadness. Bashar al-Assad's mouth here is smiling though. At the very best (and depending on other nonverbals signals with which it clustered) this "CFC + False Smile" signifies Incredulity. With other body language it may also signify Contempt.

We all display this expression from time to time, but when seen chronically, this body language/facial expression is highly correlative with sociopathic personalities. This is a dangerous nonverbal pattern. Stay away from such individuals. You have been warned.

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