Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2497:
Steve Carell, Graham Norton and
Duping Delight Microexpression,
Reminiscing about the Chest Waxing Scene from
The 40 Year Old Virgin (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Steve Carell was on the Graham Norton show back in June (along with Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd). In this short video clip, Carell describes the infamous chest waxing scene from his 2005 movie, "The 40 Year Old Virgin". This clip is hilarious and Carell, the master comedian that he is, has probably described this scene hundreds of times. And yet he still has difficulty in keeping a straight face.

At 0:49 Graham Norton says, "Is it true that she lied in the audition?" Carell answers, "Yeah, she said she knew how to wax." At the 0:54 mark just after Steve says, "...wax..." the left corner of his mouth shoots up in a microexpression. This is a form of a duping delight - even though immediately after that moment he breaks into a slow smile (also on the his left side) as it then grows into more full - but still somewhat suppressed bilateral sincere smile (Duchenne smile).

In the everyday world, a duping delight is an extremely valuable body language deception detection tell.

And of course there are a good bit of expressions that may look to the less-experienced like a one-sided smile, a suppressed smile or even duping delight .... yet they indicate completely different emotions. Can you name these nonverbal signals?

Extreme Empathy is demonstrated later by Graham Norton as Carell describes a particularly painful experience (Image captured at 1:28). This display is almost as if Norton is watching or experiencing directly Carell's doomsday scenario. Individuals who routinely demonstrate this level of sincere nonverbal vicariousness for another person's pain have a very high empathy quotient.

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