Friday, August 2, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2478:
Acting Affectionate Engenders Affection
Body Language and Strangers (Video, Photos)

In this beautiful and insightful video regarding photographer Richard Renaldi and his work, an aspect of body language rarely discussed is touched upon. Mr. Renaldi asks perfect strangers on the street to pose as friends and lovers in a project upon which he has been working for six years. He calls it, "Touching Strangers".

Of course initially many of those posing for Mr. Renaldi feel awkward and therefore display body language with characteristics of low-comfort, low confidence and anxiety. However those who sincerely make the effort to "act the part" the gifted photographer is asking them to play - find themselves feeling some true affection for those who, only a few moments before, were perfect strangers.

A fundamental truth in the science and practice of body language is that when a sincere effort is made to assume a given nonverbal configuration or facial expression - the corresponding emotions are naturally engendered.

Mr. Renaldi reminds us of the incredible mystical power of the human touch. Our World needs more of it. Much more.

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