Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2483:
Alex Rodriguez's Subtle Sadness Signal
Body Language, PEDs and A-Rod

More A-Rod. Not because he's popular - but because he demonstrates a particular nonverbal that is relatively difficult to find on video.  The images below, which are captured at 0:37 and 1:07 - 1:08 respectively from the video above show two (of many here exampled) versions of a very evanescent and subtle change. Can you spot it? First watch the video - then see below.


In both of these two moments, A-Rod's chin briefly wrinkles.

In this cluster-context this nonverbal is highly reliable for suppression of sadness. In fact, Rodriguez is on the verge of tears.

Taken from 1:07 - 1:08

In each of these examples you can see slight but highly significant quivering of the muscles on the front of A-Rod's chin.

There are two other body language-facial expression signals which display that Rodriquez's psyche is suppressing against a crescendo of sadness (here successfully). Do you know these nonverbals?

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