Friday, August 9, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2485:
Barack Obama on Next Federal Reserve Chairman -
Anger, Disgust, Regret and Contempt (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In today's press conference President Barack Obama was asked about the next chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. He displayed a rapid succession of several body language tells which are analyzed in the ensuing images.

Here Major Garrett asks President Obama, "....I'd like to ask you about this debate that's playing out on the editorial pages, the blogosphere, even on the Senate Democratic Caucus - about the choice you eventually will make with the next Federal Reserve Chairman...." Just as Garrett says "Chairman" (at 0:14) we can see Obama's eyebrows pull slightly together. In the seconds just before and after that, the President's blinking - which is already occurring at an increased rate - becomes slightly longer in duration. Together with his slight head tilted back position this nonverbal cluster consistent with but not (yet) definitive with a slight degree anger.

Garrett continues (unbroken), "...There is a perception er, among democrats that Larry Summers has the inside track and ...."

During the 0:21 - 0:23 (Just as Garrett says, "...track ...") segment we can see the parallel lines between the President's eyebrow slightly deepen and become more defined. His eyebrows also become lowered (Anger).

His nostrils become flared (although only his right one can be seen, there is no signal here of asymmetry in the President's face however). This component of his expression is indicative of Disgust (Contempt if it were unilateral).

The particular primarily laterally-vectored false smile (with thinned lips) exhibited in this moment is highly consistent with Bitterness-Regret.

While Obama continues to listen and hold in his partially digested emotions, Garrett finishes his question, "...Perhaps you've made some assurances about that. Janet Yellen is the Vice-Chair of the Federal Reserve. There are many women in the Senate that believe that breaking the glass ceiling - that would be historic and important."

President: "Right."

Garrett: "Are you annoyed by this sort of roiling debate? Do you find it unseemly? And do you believe this will be one of the, if not THE most important economic decisions you'll make in the remaining of your Presidency?"

Although this is a low resolution and not the best angle (0:34), we can see the upward-vectored component to his right cheek with a relative nostril dilation also on the right. Thus this expression of a false (insincere) smile is also mixed with some contempt.

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