Monday, August 12, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2488:
Keri Russell's Body Language -
She's Trying to Convince Us & Jimmy Kimmel

Update: Unfortunately video removed by ABC. See images below

Can you site an example of an expression people use when they're trying to convince you of something? Or convince themselves? One nonverbal display commonly seen in such a scenario is the "Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression" - otherwise known as the R2E2.  An example of this facial-body language is seen in the above video at 0:33. Keri Russell displays for less than a second when she's trying to convince Jimmy Kimmel of the quality of Harrison Ford's gifts. It can be seen manifested in the form of a microexpression or significantly longer in duration. Ms. Russell's example here is relatively short-lived. The R2E2 can look a lot like the expression of disgust (do you know how to tell the difference?).

When you see the R2E2 (captured below in both wide angle and close-up), be sure to ask yourself, "What are they trying to convince me of?" and "Why are they trying to convince me?" Also be sure to discern whether THEY believe their opinion, plan, idea, etc. is fully valid. Often this expression signifies that they are trying to rationalize it aloud and enroll you as a co-rationalizor (they may need your empathy). They may need you to help convince them.

The R2E2 can also be seen very commonly in a sales situation. If you're in sales yourself - you'll find yourself using it to build rapport. In small doses it may often work - but it will often backfire (e.g. become a rapport-destroyer) if used even in moderate amounts. In cases of high sincerity, the R2E2 is rarely seen.

We all use the Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression. Be careful of those who over-use it though.

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