Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2504:
Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez and a
Commonly Missed Body Language Signal (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Aaron Hernandez, former tight end for the New England Patriots, is in jail - arrested and awaiting trial in the Murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd. He is also being investigated in multiple other murders in Florida and Massachusetts. In the following three images from the video above, Hernandez is captured in the midst of a commonly missed and misinterpreted facial expression - both disguised within a simple sniff.

Note: The original video has, since the original post, been removed from its online source. The images below however, were captured from this video

This photo, isolated from the 0:06 mark, shows a dramatically exaggerated "sniff" in which a microexpression of disgust is clearly hidden.

This image is captured at 0:28 and is a less dramatic example of "disgust with a sniff surrogate".

This photo from 1:09 show a significant asymmetry - with more contraction on Hernandez's left side. Thus this body language-facial expression indicates disgust (as the above to examples) with an added feature of contempt.

There are other significant nonverbal findings present in all three of these images and the video. What are they and what emotions do they indicate?

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