Friday, August 23, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2498:
McKenzie Morgan,
17 Year-Old Solo Pilot Walks Away From Crash
Partial Mouth and Neck of Fear Body Language

McKenzie Morgan, a 17 year-old pilot on a solo flight, crashed her Cessna 172 earlier this week and lived to tell about it. In fact she only had minor whiplash, cuts to some fingers and a sprained knee. Fortunately she was rescued by two hunters who were scouting the area on horseback.

In the video above when the reporter asks, "So what's next?", Ms. Morgan answers, "You know I going to finish, I'm going up tomorrow ... in an airplane ... again ... so I mean it's quick, quick turnaround. But um, going up, just to getting, getting back in it before I get too scared and don't want to anymore..." Just before she begins her answer (at the 2:24 mark), McKenzie displays a very brief asymmetrical mouth of fear - significantly more prominent on her left.

In addition, immediately below the left side of her jaw (mandible) a very brief microexpression can also be seen in a tightening of Ms. Morgan's neck muscles (platysma) at this same instant. It is very short in duration (as are all microexpressions) and difficult to see - best observed on the video.

This young woman's courage to get back in a plane and earn her pilot's license is very admirable indeed. “I love it ... can’t let one really bad occurrence tear you down.” Although she does display the above described nonverbal signals consistent with low levels of fear, her body language of this emotion is not extreme - and thus congruent with her verbal statement and plans (Note no eye findings of fear were present during this moment - if we had seen this important component of higher levels of fear, she would not be getting back in the pilot's seat).

It is an interesting coincidence that Morgan crashed near the cabin of Amelia Earhart near Meeteetse, Wyoming.

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