Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3073: Russell Westbrook - Execution Interview - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors, 127 - 115, and after a triple double (17 pts., 17 ast., 15 reb.) Russell Westbrook was doing his best Marshawn Lynch impression. Now being referred to as "The Execution Interview" because the three time NBA all-star answered, "We did a good job executing" (and very slight variations on that script) six times in the 89 second interview.

What follows is a partial body language analysis of Russell Westbrook's "Execution interview".


A partially "Suppressed Smile" is displayed by Westbrook after he says, "... execution ..." for the second time. This is a form of "Duping Delight" since his answers are a thinly veiled acting job.


Shortly after this duping delight display, Westbrook shows us a "Tongue Jut" (aka "Lizard Tongue") which in this context is a nonverbal indicator for "I've been bad" or "I just got caught".

Depending on the other nonverbals with which it's accompanied, a tongue jut has what other meanings?


Eyelids opened very wide along with Tongue Jut

After a report asks, "Are you upset with something?" and then Westbrook pauses and says, "I just don't like you .... nah." ... he then displays another tongue jut.

While the reporter and Westbrook may not have been best friends before this moment - Westbrook already had reasons for his near monosyllabic responses - and this reporter's question led to this particular answer and added to Westbrook's negative attitude, yet their lack of friendship here was not the initiating factor in this awkward interview (e.g. for Westbrook's absence of diplomacy).

0:57 - 0:58

Westbrook's rapid fluttering of eyelids here as he asks reporter, "You got enough questions?" Is a strong signal of contempt, condescension and anger.

(What other nonverbal signals are present in this cluster?).


Yet another Tongue Jut just after Westbrook says, "Good execution"


A Tongue Jut again


Another occurrence of Duping Delight is seen once again in the last fraction of a second of the video.

When a person turns away or even puts his/her head down for a moment, the concentration to suppress their joy is often broken and the duping delight "leaks" out.

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