Monday, January 5, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3059: Kiss Cam - Benny the Bull to the Rescue - Distancing Behavior and Tongue-in-Cheek (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last night the Mascot "Benny the Bull" of the Chicago Bulls came to the rescue of a Boston Celtics fan whose partner was busy on his cell phone and refused to acknowledge the camera, crowd and his girlfriend/wife and needless to say no kissing ensued. She certainly could use a little bit more finesse in her negotiation tactics - and many men would have behaved similarly. Of course we don't know the back story here or relative importance of the phone call.

After being hit and scolded, the man on his mobile phone switches hands and turns away from his partner. In retrospect and with the benefit of a video, most all can see the obviousness of this distancing and disrespectful behavior - the proverbial "Cold Shoulder".

Although it's at the limits of this low resolution image, three seconds later after she turns forward and rotates her head a bit to her left (away from her partner more directly at the camera), she appears to display a "Tongue-in-Cheek" nonverbal with her tongue pushing to her left cheek (also better viewed within the dynamic context of the video). The tongue-in-cheek maneuver may indicate several different emotions depending on the other nonverbals which accompanies it. In this cluster-context it indicates "I just caught you" or "I just won" (Do you know the other meanings?).

Note the man sitting immediately in back of her puts his hand on his mouth/face as he is trying to emotionally process what is going on in front of him (one of many signals of a high empathy quotient).

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