Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3074: A Body Language Tell of Bad Actors and .... (PHOTOS)

What's one body language signal that all bad actors, bad sales people, most T.V. news anchors, most T.V. news reporters, virtually all politicians - and ALL INSINCERE PEOPLE chronically display?

Here's one hint and common denominator: they're really ALL ACTORS ... they're just not GOOD actors (Eric Bana provides us with many examples - one of which is shown above). All the individuals in this entire group are trying to press issues for which they don't truly believe. Have you figured it out yet? It's the forehead. Overuse of the forehead muscles is a very reliable indicator of INSINCERITY. Ignore it at your own peril.

Of course we all need to contract our forehead muscles in order to express ourselves - it's very human and it's very necessary. And indeed the opposite extreme - the use of Botox across the entire forehead is dramatically dehumanizing, robotic and will certainly lead to communication and relationship problems (e.g., Taylor Swift's entire upper face has been Botoxed for 4 or 5 years). Yet, a FREQUENT DISPLAY of a CONTRACTED FOREHEAD is a VERY HIGHLY RELIABLE NONVERBAL SIGNAL OF INSINCERITY. Do you know the others?

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