Friday, January 2, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3056: Jeb Bush Interview - 14 Dec. 2014 - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

There are few who need convincing as to whether or not Jeb Bush will be running for President in 2016. He has resigned from most of the corporate and nonprofit boards on which he sits, he's released hundreds of thousands of emails associated with his administration while he was Governor of Florida, and he has announced that he has "decided to actively explore the possibility of running for President of the United States".

In this 14 December 2014 interview on a Florida Television news program (This Week in South Florida), there are many great nonverbal signals, two of which are discussed below.

Note: The original video has, since the original post, been removed from its online source. The images below however, were captured from this video. 

Early in this interview son and brother of former U.S. President continues, "... but I realize that at some point into this year, or early next year I'll make a decision to really pursue this or to, to stand down [loose forward lip purse].

Right after he says, "... down ..." Jeb displays a very brief (thus a microexpression) "Loose Forward Lip Purse" (at 1:47). This is a very specific nonverbal display indicating clandestine disagreement or - as it exemplifies here, a clandestine plan. A person displaying this perceives him/herself as the alpha relative to those with whom he is speaking/interacting, moreover there is a disparity (often an extreme one) between what is said openly and what is being thought-felt (privately). Those displaying this facial expression also believe that they have a high likelihood of success once their plan is put into motion

Later Mr. Bush says, "... and secondly, is it the right thing for my family? Can they accept the sacrifice that is forthcoming in this kind of, in this kind of deal? ..."

His word choice is particularly telling here - "that is forthcoming". Here and many times throughout this interview, Gov. Bush smiled - albeit in a somewhat suppressed degree - out of context (2:12 - 2:15 and the coincident spoken words are highlighted in red above). Such a partially (suppressed) smile - is a profound example of what is termed duping delight (This is further verified when coupled with the use of the verbal tell mentioned above). Bush has significant joy here - and he's not able to suppress it (and has several more examples of duping delight throughout this video). The possible future President needs to suppress his smile a bit more if he is to play poker on the World stage.

Jeb Bush is absolutely running for President in 2016. This was obvious to most of us for a while now - and yet if you witnessed this body language in another person or in another setting would you know what it meant?

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