Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3070: George Zimmerman's Latest Mugshot - Body Language Tell (PHOTOS)

Since he was acquitted for the death of Trayvon Martin in the summer of 2013, George Zimmerman's been arrested four times. He is alleged to have committed aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon in Lake Mary, Florida.

This is Zimmerman's latest mugshot. Note the very subtle pursing of his lips. His lip pursing is directed forward and is also tightened (some lip purses are loose). A forward lip purse is always made by someone who perceives themselves to be an alpha in the presence of a relative beta personality. So although Zimmerman is in the midst of getting his mugshot - he believes himself to be alpha relative to those police officers in his presence. Those who make a forward lip purse also are making clandestine plans and/or are in clandestine disagreement with those with whom they're interacting. They also believe they have a good chance of accomplishing their plan/acting upon their disagreement.

Zimmerman's eyelids are also opened slightly wider than baseline. His lower lids are also under mild-to-moderate tension in this moment. He is certainly not afraid. This very subtle nonverbal cluster-context - given his tightened forward lip purse and eyelid configuration - is highly consistent with suppressed anger and a plan with (what he believes to have) significant potential of success. Zimmerman believed at this moment he would shortly be free.

The former neighborhood watchman was arrested on 9 January 2014, released the next day on $5,000 bond and is expected back in court on 17 February 2015.

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